Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy (late) birthdays!

My grandmother, Caroline Sauressig (Lena) was born on March 25th, 1883, in Norway. Nana moved to America and eventually to North Dakota when she was 10 years old. She died in 1984, very close to her 101st birthday. I often think about her but more so near her birthday. She was a very important part of my growing up – she was there when I was born and often visited our family wherever we lived; we also went up to North Dakota to visit her as well as other relatives that lived there.

Norm’s niece, Glenda was born March 25th, 19 (ummmmm). Her mother was determined that she would be born soon enough so that Mavis could take the baby to church that Easter. And Glenda obliged. Her first outing was on Easter Sunday that year. When she was born, I snuck into the hospital to see her. That was during the time that ONLY immediate family was allowed even on the baby floor. I was not approached by any nurse but if I had been asked, I was willing and able to claim that Mavis was my sister (not “in-law”).. So I was able to see Glenda when she was just hours old! Happy birthday, Glenda! I love you!

My niece, Cookie, was born on March 25th, several years after Glenda (ain’t telling that year, either!). Candy was determined that she was a girl and was going to be born on Nana’s birthday, even though the 25th was not even close to the due date. But born that day she was and was named after Nana. Even though Nana had hundreds and thousands of grandchildren, great-grands and great-great grands (well, maybe not THAT many!), Cookie was her favorite – and who can blame her? Nana treated all her grands equally, but there was that little bit EXTRA for Cookie. Nana called Cookie her little Cottelina (“Little Caroline). Happy birthday, Cookie. I love you!

Birthdays for 3 special people all on 1 day. A great way to remember them, huh?

It’s a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day.

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