Saturday, March 07, 2009

And then there were three!

When Norm’s orchid showed promises of blooming, we had six little buds on the stem – three on each side. The ones on the side closest to the wall started to shrivel but the ones on the furthest side continued to thrive and begin to get bigger.

As most (some? few?) of you know, you cannot move an orchid in bloom, you cannot touch the buds and you cannot touch the flowers. Any of these actions will cause the plant to cease blooming and the buds and / or flowers will shrivel.

We got one bloom to open and I was holding my breath for the other two buds.


So I was careful to warn anyone who got close to the plant that they needed to be extremely careful and DON’T TOUCH THE ORCHID!!!!

LeAnn and husband Art came to visit a while ago and she sat in the chair that is the closest to the orchid and I had to warn her. At that time, the second bloom had opened, but there was still the third to (hopefully).


At the party last Saturday, Fritzie sat in the “famous” chair and I had to warn her. Fritzie was admiring the two blooms we had as well as the third bud. Fritzie began to talk about a mutual friend who had given Fritzie a man-made orchid that looked amazingly real. LeAnn then decided that MY orchid had to be man-made and I was teasing her about being careful!

So, LeAnn, here’s the picture of orchid number three! And Fritzie, this is also for you – to show that MY orchid is better than YOUR orchid (at least at blooming time) because I end up with real ones.

Also, this is for Bitty and Bubba, as Joy was teasing THEM about her touching the bud that was promising to open. You see, several years ago we had a bud promising to open and Bitty touched it. So the girls were both very upset that Mom might be causing THIS bud to shrivel.

And this is also for the rest of you – orchids are breathtakingly beautiful, don’t you think?

So, you all have a beautiful day and dream about outside flowers blooming in this breathtaking beauty.


Small Pines said...

Wow - beautiful flowers. So rare, and carefully tended. Awesome. Spring is surely on it's way outside, I think. I'm starting to see cold weather plants coming up, even here in the northeast.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful Orchids! I don't have any plants in the house..we are very allergic..I would forget to water them anyway! We are starting to get snow here now..we are suppose to go back into the deep freeze tomorrow. March weather can be anything:(