Friday, February 20, 2009


Several things have been going on the past few days.

Firstly, I went to therapy and the torturer drilled me through my paces and wanted to show the doctor how well I was doing, so she pushed me harder than I wanted to go! Came home with more pain than I wanted to accept, but thrilled that I can now (with help) bend my knee to 85 degrees!

I got a call from the doctor’s office in the afternoon, saying that he would be in surgery all morning and all afternoon – could I wait until next Tuesday for my appointment? I whined and said I HAD to get these staples out NOW! So she called back saying that I could come have a tech take them out and he would TRY to make it between surgeries to see me. Otherwise, I’d have to come in another day to see him if he didn’t like what he saw on the x-rays.

So on Thursday morning Norm and I headed to Sioux Falls for a fun day of shopping and staple removing. I was napping (as usual) when we got close to Sioux Falls as Joy called. So I was still sleepy, talking on the phone and didn’t have my eyes focused when we got to our turnoff. Norm asked me if this was the turn. I waved at him to say, “I don’t know, yes, no, don’t bother me,” and he kept truckin’ on, only to discover that it WAS the turnoff. So we had to go about 6 miles out of our way in order to turn around. Norm did agree that he should have known where to turn. After all, we’ve been visiting Sioux Falls on a semi-regular basis for 3 ½ years and have taken that turn off about 95% of the time!

Of course, what trip is taken without at least 1 turn-about on the way?

We did our little bit of shopping (Norm mostly, while I sat in the car) then headed to the clinic and this time did NOT get lost or have a turn-about. I had my x-rays taken, my staples taken out and we sat waiting for the doctor to arrive after his 1st surgery.

The staple-taking-out was not as terrible as feared but was worse than hoped. Doctor saw the x-rays, told me I was doing fine, wrote to the therapist that I was to continue therapy. I am to keep on my walker until I see him in 3 weeks.

And it was over and I could head home. We had lunch at Subway and I had a pain pill (can’t LIVE
without those little yellow pills!). I had brought an ice bag with me, so put that on and tried to take a nap.

Our van has a lot of wind noise, so I asked Norm if my window was really up all the way. Now, because of a faulty wire or dust or something, I can’t close my window – the driver’s side button does that work. So Norm pushed the button up, it didn’t go any further up, so he pushed it down to open it and then re-shut it.

Guess what, boys and girls? It did NOT shut! So here we are, driving 70 miles an hour with the window half down. It took about 10 minutes before we could find a turn-off to stop. So I bundled up with a blanket and tried not to fuss about the cold, Norm put his hat on to cover his bare head and we kept on truckin’.

Fortuantely, Norm knows what to do in cases like this, so he hopped out of the car after we stopped, grabbed his ever-trusty Leatherman knife and came over to my side, opened the door and opened up the area where the wires are for the window and lock. A little bit of blowing, a little bit of wiggling and the window went up (whew!) and we could continue on the way in warmth and relative comfort (don’t count my aching leg!).

Okay, so now we’re home. I had promised myself that I would try sleeping in bed once the staples were out, but it didn’t work. About 5 this morning, I gave up and toddled back to the recliner. My leg is still too stiff and sore to be able to lay comfortably in bed no matter what position the leg or I are in.

This afternoon we went to the therapist’s and it started snowing just as I went inside. By the time I came out (45 minutes later), the ground was covered and there were big flakes of wet snow coming down. We have had about 2” of snow but now the wind is blowing, so the snow is starting to whip around.

All in all, it was a beautiful few days, as everything worked out; you have a beautiful day.


Jan said...

Oh Connie, this too shall pass and you'll be dancing again!
I am sorry its such hard, painful work getting better.

Frances said...

omg, gotta love a man who carries a leatherman!

your recovery sounds so painful, I'm impressed you're still sounding in good spirits (I would likely be sulking and crying!)

love ya,

Leslie Shelor said...

Might as well laugh as cry! Glad you got that nasty procedure over and hope you mend fast! And if I don't get lost at least once on any expedition it's a miracle!

Kati said...

*grin* I'm NEVER without one of my leatherman's. (I've got 2 large, and one mini.) Glad to hear that Norm is sensible and carries one with him all the time, too.

I'm sorry to hear that you're still in so much pain, Connie. Though it does seem that progress is definitely being made. Glad you were able to have the staples removed, but I'm sorry it caused even more pain. Hope the PT (torture) continues to improve your mobility and that the pain decreases. Stay well!