Saturday, February 28, 2009

Natural weather indicators

Around here we can tell the approximate temperature by the way Peanut reacts. If the temperature is mild, the wind is down and the sun is out, Peanut will want to go outside several times a day – sometimes even several times an hour. She loves soaking up sunshine on the front “deck.”

If it’s cold, blustery, snowing, rainy, any kind of nasty, we have to pick her up and carry her outside and she does her business in about three seconds flat, about three inches from the front door and scuttles inside as fast as her little three inch legs can move. There are times that Norm has to shovel a path out for her because even three inches of snow will hit her tummy and she HATES snow on her tummy!

Now, because of my knee, we can tell when a front is coming in – especially a severe one. The therapist said that the pains I’m feeling sometimes are because of the barometer actions. My knee has fluid on it right now and it acts like a barometer. So, not only does the scar, the bruises, the knee itself hurt but I hurt in the whole area when a storm is coming. However the therapist claims that the fluid will go down fairly soon and I won’t have that weather indicator after awhile.

Thursday morning our predicted storm hit. It was difficult to get Peanut to go outside and I was sitting here complaining about knee pain. The storm was all that the predictions (mine, Peanut’s and the weatherman’s) had said. We ended up with about eight inches of snow, cold and blowing.

Friday morning it was about eight below zero with a wind chill of around minus twenty-six. We chose not to go to therapy because of the wind and also because of the roads – they were still pretty “dicey” yesterday morning!

Besides the cold, the sore knee and Peanut’s refusal to budge from my lap, it was a beautiful storm, a beautifully sunny day yesterday. You have a beautiful day!

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Kati said...

Hey Connie!! Hope today is warmer, and clear, and that you've got indicators that spring may actually be on it's way. (Today is snowy and overcast and yet very warm as well, here.)

Anyway, hope you're having a great weekend as well!