Monday, February 02, 2009

A great weekend

Well, the Brookings Living History Fair and Educational Days went well.

We got there about 4:00 on Thursday and set up. We saw several people that we know and said hi. I “registered” Peanut, giving someone a copy of her health shot records, so that she could join us.

Then we went to the motel and got settled in. We stopped at KFC to take supper to eat at the motel. Peanut is such a good girl that she will sit on my lap while I’m in a chair or on the bed and not try to eat the food I have on my lap, with her. I generally say “Nose down” and “Covers” – she will crawl under a blanket on my lap and sleep while I eat. (Not that she sits on my lap all the time when I eat, but it’s nice to have her behave if she does.)

And, on a side note, did you know that there are children growing up that do NOT know that “KFC” and “Kentucky Fried Chicken” is the same thing? When we were with the grandchildren one time this year, we planned on eating at KFC. I, being old fashioned, still talk about getting Kentucky Fried Chicken or going to visit the “Colonel.” When I mentioned Kentucky Fried Chicken, the girls did not know what I was talking about!

Okay, we watched a romantic movie on the Hallmark channel and hit the sack. We got up early so that we could be at our stations before 8:00.

The kids were very good – we had 800 of them going from station to station, hopefully learning more than “how much is that rock candy?” “Oh, how much is that bunny skin?”

As far as the rest of the time, once the kids left at 3:00, we had the public coming in until 9:00 that night, and then we started up again at 10:00 in the morning.

I did very little spinning – mostly just for the kids, but I did weave and I did knit on a sock – I even got the heel turned! And visited. And visited.

There are many favorite people who show up here, so I will show you their faces (or partial faces) in the following pictures.

Peanut was excellent! She either slept under my feet or in her crate. We have a soft-side, fold-down-able crate that she has been afraid of since we got it. She was never crate trained as a puppy, so it has been hard to get her to be comfortable in one. However, this winter, all of a sudden, she started going into the crate, voluntarily, and even sleeping in it. I had the crate next to me with a blanket over it (to hide the non-periodness of it) and the door was opened. I usually close Peanut in the crate when we have children around but this time she slipped into it when the groups came, then slipped out and went under my feet when we were alone. It ended up that she spent most of her time sleeping in the crate. I was SO proud of her! I could even get up and walk away without her waking up and following me. She must have been content to do that!

Other than that, not much happened. Norm sold some spoons, but mostly to other demonstrators. I had a wonderful time bickering with Ole Oleson … we bicker so well together. I even got a new insult in that totally stunned him!

Then at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, we packed up and headed home. It’s only a 2 hour drive so we got home at a nice early time, even stopping for supper half way.

So yesterday was unpacking, washing clothes and re-organizing. And today? We finish around the house and head to Sioux Falls in the afternoon. A nice (hopefully) supper at a neat little café next to the motel and then head to the hospital in the morning.

And when I write next, I will have a new knee! I am so excited. No more pain (well, after a bit, anyway)…. I have been told I will be dancing in 2 weeks. Probably not quite that early, but I will be able to walk without pain before spring hits, don’t cha think?

So, it looks to be a beautiful day today. It will be a beautiful week as I have the surgery and recover and come home. You have a beautiful day!


City Mouse said...

Wow! 800 Kids! As I've mentioned, the work you do with the living history fairs and such is so interesting and fun. What a joy. Sounds like you had a wonderful time, and super productive too. Awesome!

Jan said...

Now listen. Take care in the hospital but make yourself move. My friend aged 75 is on her second knee replacement and had herself up and about in no time.
I bee thinking about you. Jan

Anonymous said...

It will be so good to have a pain free knee!
wishing you well....