Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An exciting weekend

Well, as you can guess, I am living a pretty quiet life here on Ash Lane Farm. Not going anywhere but the torturer’s and the vampire’s places.

But Saturday was our “Stitches in Time” meeting and Norm took me there for the morning. We had several visitors, including a newsman / photographer from the neighboring town. We also had a lady come to learn to spin. She has sheep, so brought some of her own wool and I brought the wheel (well, Norm brought it, I just supervised). It was a fun time and I lasted until noon before having to go home and put my leg up. My new spinner took the wheel home and hopefully she is doing well. I think she’s going to be very good – she seems to have the touch.

Last week, Joy called to tell us some news that we were to keep secret for a while but we now have permission to broadcast it. They have moved home to Minnesota! Ken has gotten permission to work out of the home in Minnesota with the hopes of getting clients from this area for the company.

So Saturday and Sunday were exciting for both Norm and I, as we followed the kids up the road from Florida to Minnesota. Bitty spent a lot of time on the phone, talking me through towns, mile markers, way-sides, Dairy Queens that Dad wouldn’t stop at, and temperature changes; Norm had the atlas and he kept track as to where they were by the map.

I talked to Joy, some, and Bubba, some, but mostly to Bitty. I told her about games that I used to play when my family traveled when I was growing up. I said goodnight Saturday night and when they called on Sunday morning, Bitty had started some of the games in the car to help pass the time.

Joy then called me when they got home, around midnight on Sunday night. So we will soon go up there or they will come down here to visit for our first time since Christmas!

We are not sure how long this stint will last, but we will take it one day at a time and enjoy them being closer.

So, now that one-half of my heart is happy, I need the second half content and happy to complete my life. Eric, are you listening? I need you and Jill to move CLOSER, too! I know that you love your area – and I don’t blame you, but I don’t see you often enough, either!

Norm is in the kitchen, warming up leftover pork loin that he baked yesterday; we will go down to the family room to watch a Netflix movie that just came in today.

I had two visitors today – Llama Bill stopped by as he was delivering hay bales to a neighbor. And LeAnn stopped by on her way home from a church sewing circle. Fortunately the vicious watchdog allowed them to come in so I didn’t have to get out of my chair to welcome them in. I enjoy my peace and quiet, but it’s nice to have friendly faces to help pass the time and to collect gossip from. LeAnn, we will have your cake for desert, thank you!

It was a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...


You have no idea how or why we came to the decision to move out here, or why we've decided to stay. You don't know how I feel about this area, or where I'd rather be.

And you definitely have, no business blaming me for not being able to complete your life.

Did you put that on K when he moved his family across country chasing $'s when we were still there?

No that's when you moved away.

So please will you refrain from the guilt trips you've been laying?


goodshepherd said...

Awww, Connie, I am so glad that the grand-girls will be home for you to enjoy, if only for an as-yet undetermined amount of time. Life is just too short, kiddo. It is great to be able to enjoy family while we still can. I too wish that you were able to visit more often with your youngest daughter Jill. Maybe that time will still come, someday...