Saturday, January 17, 2009

You can do it!

For those of you who have said "I wish I had a craft group near me" ..... why don't you start one? It is simple. Just put an ad out - use your own home if you want, to start.

We put our flyers out at banks, stores, gas stations and anywhere that we felt people who love fiber crafts would read them.

You don't need to be an expert. Perhaps you can start a group who is LOOKING for a teacher!

Thirty years ago, I was demonstrating spinning at the city library for children and met a woman who wanted to learn. We ended up meeting once a week at her house and dreaming of teaching others. This eventually ended up to become a spinning and weaving guild that met in the basement of a retail shop; we taught and learned and shared. This guild then grew so that even today there is the same guild, with many different people in it.

Candy's rug hooking teacher did the same. She rented an inexpensive room, put out flyers and then started going to the rented room once a week. She didn't care if no-one showed, which is the best attitude to have. It grew so large that she finally stepped out in order to have her own time but the group is still going.

Our gathering may not build into anything but then again, it might. There are many people out there that want to learn, want to share.

Try starting something. Find a friend or do it yourself. Use your home or your friend's home and just dedicate one day or evening a week or month for YOU and YOUR craft. Others will come. And if they don't? Then you have that designated time for yourself that is your time, alone!

Mothers, find a babysitter for that little bit of time. Wives, tell your husbands that you need time to yourself. It CAN be done. And others will join you!

"If you start it, they will come!"

Jan, if you want to learn to tat (and anyone else who does), go here ..... Tatting on YouTube.

Thank you for wanting to join us! I wish you could all pop by and join us. We would love to have your company! But until that is possible, start your own group. Meet new friends who share your passion for your craft.

This morning is forty degrees warmer than it was two days ago! Unbelievable but true!!! You have a beautiful day!

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BeFRuiTFuL said...

Thanks for these incouraging words. W travel a lot. In fact we sold our house four years ago and hit the road in an RV. But I have been thinking about starting groups when we are at a place for a few months.