Monday, January 19, 2009


I was working at the computer this morning when I heard this huge whomp on the window. I looked to see my Flicker (a Northern Flicker who is not supposed to be here this winter, but still is) hanging onto the window sill. He evidentially hit the window and then clung to the sill for a while. He flew to the swinging feeder and then flew away, so I think (hope, pray) that he is okay.

We have shiny things (some not very pretty but still shiny) to help keep the birds from hitting the window but that doesn’t seem to help much. Norm suggested getting some curly wrapping paper ribbon and hanging that as well.

Notice the missing snow on the window sill - that's where the Flicker was sitting.

Most of the birds seem to hit the window at an angle and fly off, but there have been some, unfortunately that don’t survive. (SIGH)

I love my window but hate the thought of birds suffering because of it. I think part of the reason that he hit the window is because the flat feeder (Blue Jay one that everyone else enjoys) – the one that is NAILED to the stump – has been blown off AGAIN.

This wind is getting ridiculous!! I think the road is blocked again – I haven’t seen or heard the snow plow go by yet!

But I wasn’t going to talk about weather, was I?

Today is my sister-in-law-in-law’s birthday …. Happy Birthday, Mavis. Also, the birthday of my nephew, CJ – happy birthday, fella!!!

It’s an overcast day, but mild-ish out. The temperature is “only” nine degrees and it’s supposed to be warmer this afternoon. Beautiful, mostly because the wind is NOT blowing (for the moment). You have a beautiful day.

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Jan said...

Hi Connie,
We, too, have a lot of drifting snow. Our house sits at the bottom of our fields and gets lots of wind!
We've tried everything to keep the birds from whomping the window. Still happens. Most make it.
Take care, stay warm. Jan