Thursday, January 29, 2009

A strange thing happened to me last night

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning – Peanut wanted to go outside – and on the way back to bed, I saw lights on the road! There was a car (or truck) traveling from the east to the west, going a good steady pace on the freshly plowed, cleared road. I could see it for about 2 miles to our east moving closer to us.

I know the road was clear, as we went to Candy and Wayne’s last night for our weekly get-together. (They had Chicken Divan for supper and it was so good, Norm commented on it about 10 times! Guess I need the recipe!)

Anyway, seeing the car this early morning is one thing I love about living in the country….. you NOTICE when a car goes by. I stood watching it come towards us, then looked out the west window and watched it move away from us, heading to the paved highway, 1-½ miles from our mailbox. And I wondered… who was traveling at that time of night? Was it a party-er, heading home from a wild country party? Was it someone sick, heading to the hospital? Was it Pastor Mark heading to someone’s house for a much needed emergency visit?

I will never know, but there you go ….. out in the country you NOTICE cars, as there are so few of them. And very rarely do I see one at night. We have 2 houses to our west and 2 houses to our east. There are a few houses south east of us, on the 3 north-south roads, but not many. So we DON’T see many, except at planting or harvesting when the farmers are out in massive numbers or when gravel trucks are collecting gravel from the pit 4 miles east of us; they travel in the summer and fall, mostly.

On another note, Norm and I are heading to Brookings this afternoon. We have an Educational Living History Fair this weekend. The Swiftel Center is allowing me to bring Peanut again, so I will have an even better time there.

And then, on Monday the 2nd, we head to Sioux Falls. I get my NEW KNEE on the 3rd. The young highschool doctor will be operating on me early in the morning. My new doctor, Dr. Kelly says that he’s very good for a highschool student!

Dr. Kelly has replaced Dr. O from the Cities. Now, I love and adore Dr. O, but it just was NOT working out to go see her all the time. Imagine having to go to the Cities for my knee operation? Going 3 hours or more opposed to 1-½ hours? Or even just going there for the pre-op checkup, like I had this Monday with Dr. Kelly?

No one will replace Dr. O for her caring and talent but I am sure that Dr. Kelly will be just as good for me; I have only seen her a few times and she seems to be just the right kind of doctor for me. And SHE is a youngster, too, like Dr. Watts; just out of high school, herself, but very talented and knowledgeable.

So, now I need to finish packing so that we can head out after lunch. I have Peanut’s bag packed, my clothes packed and I THINK I have everything I need for demonstrating. Norm and I are getting wiser in our old age and have most of the event things in plastic tubs; I just needed to make sure everything was there (pillows for sitting, table cloths, shawls, rugs, etc) and then add a few dishes and some silverware.

I also need to pack the food. For lunch and mid-day snacks, we will have Ritz crackers with lunchmeat and cheese, olive spread and apples. I was going to make some flat bread but never got the energy to do so, so I will use the crackers instead. Brookings has a great grocery store with a great deli so that we can have a good hot supper – the motel has a microwave and a fridge in the room so we can get supper for both nights on one night.

I will take pictures of the Fair to share with you and will post when we get home.

It will be a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


City Mouse said...

Have a blast at the fair! I know all your stuff will be a huge hit! I'll be waiting for the pics - I just love to see the living history work you do.

Kati said...

Be safe with the traveling, Connie!

goodshepherd said...

I wish you the best of luck in Sioux Falls, Connie. I know that you will not regret having this operation done. I am glad for you. And Doogie Howser will do a fine job, I am sure.