Friday, January 09, 2009

Mammoths and things

My, the doctors start young these days! My knee specialist is still in High School, for crying out loud! Cute as a button, funny as all get out, but still a High School student! Just a baby, even! Who woulda thunk he had the skill for surgery?

His name is Dr. Watts (Watts up, Doc?) and seems very skilled, for all his youth. And when I told him we were Living Historians, he asked it that was another way of saying I was “old?” Funny kid!

Anyway, he will do the surgery on my knee, young or not, and the office will set up the time in the next few days. Unfortunately for us, it will have to be in Sioux Falls, which is an hour and a half from here. But that’s the only place close by that has the equipment (and doctor-power) to do it.

After the doctor’s visit, which was NOT fun in many ways – he poked and prodded and moved and jiggled and HURT my knee – we went to lunch at the Ground Round. I had a yummy French Dip and celebrated by having cheese and mushrooms on it – made it very yummy. Norm had a Chimmichanga, which he has not had in years. I think maybe I’ll see if I can make them for him at home once in a while. (I love finding things in restaurants and duplicating them at home. Makes it almost like going out once in a while!)

Then brief shopping, with me fussing and complaining. Wal-Mart did NOT have a working electric cart yesterday and my knee really DID hurt! So I used the cart for a walker and limped around. Not much shopping – just a few fresh fruits and veggies and some tapestry needles, as well as a pretty Christmas material for next year’s bags.

Tractor supply was without an electric cart, too, so I limped around and got some new suet for the birds, mostly the Northern Flicker that is staying here and then new treats for Peanut (of course); Norm got a new pair of insulated coveralls. We grabbed some water so I could take some Aleve and headed home. WHEW! Too busy a day for me!

Now, Joy says that I played with dinosaurs when I was younger, so I thought I’d tell you the whole truth.

When I was in college, oh! so many years ago, I took a special class – Mammoth Milking 101. It was not so bad, in some ways, but pretty tough in other ways.

First of all, we had to make our milking stools, and baby, they are HUGE! After the stools were done, then we had to go out and round up all the mammoth cows, catch our cows and tether them for the milking. They wouldn’t fit in a barn in a stanchion, for heaven’s sake – we had to do this outside! We would have to walk 5 miles uphill in snow carrying our stools and buckets to catch our beasts. Once the cows were tethered, we would climb up on our stools and milk into our 15 gallon buckets. Then it was – climb down, un-tether the mammoths, give them a pat on the hind leg, as far up as we could reach, then head home (5 miles uphill in the snow), carrying our stools and our now full buckets of milk.

This was done 2 times a day, of course. How fortunate that the mammoth cows were so very docile and easy to work with. I have heard horror stories of other animals and feel blessed that I had chosen Mammoth Milking 101 for my course. There were some unlucky souls who had chosen Saber Tiger Wrestling for their course, looking for adventure, not tame farm life. But how many of them are alive today to talk about it?

Once my course was over, I chose to not go on to Mammoth Milking 102 – that was the course for cheese making, butter churning and other such tasty bits that come from milk. But imagine the size of a pizza with mozzarella cheese from just one day’s milking of a mammoth!

Ah! Those were the days! College chums, no responsibilities, fun times! Do I wish I were back there? Not on your tin-type, Lizzie!
It’s a beautiful snowy day today – little wind and not too cold. You have a beautiful day!

Getting ready for the Ice Age


Kati said...

ROFLMBO!!!! Oh Connie, I'm glad to hear your knee surgeon is a competent one, even if he IS young. Thanks for the laugh over the rest. You made a very fetching young ice-age girl-child. *wink*

Anonymous said...


You made me smile today:) You make a very cute cave girl? were they back in the ice age???

Keep us up-dated on you knee...I have known so many people lately getting knee surgery.



Jan said...

Hahaha...I took that milking class, too, only a year earlier than you!