Thursday, January 01, 2009

It was a hot time in the old town last night!

The Peterson house was rocking last night for the New Year’s celebration! Candy and Wayne came over; the boys played three hot games of cribbage and Candy was starting to close in her toe of her first sock ever! I worked on Norm’s glove – I have half a finger and the thumb left to finish. Peanut spent most of the afternoon on my lap, unless Wayne got up to stretch.

Wayne is Peanut’s all-time favorite person, because he gives her special treats!!! Not just the organic dog food kibbles that I use for treats but soft, cushy yummy stuff! So when he stands up from the card table, it’s a sign (hopefully) that he’s going to get her a treat. She flies off my lap and goes to dance around his feet, saying “please, please, oh pretty please!”

We had supper about 6:30 and had roast beef with all the fixin’s. And had a trifle for desert. For those of you who don’t know – a trifle is an Australian desert that is wonderful! It’s cake bits torn up, layered with pudding (cooked is better, but for those who have never had it before, instant might work), fruit and cream (whipped). Or without the cream, and put that on top. I made one for Christmas with cherry bread as the “cake,” canned peaches and pudding. Yesterday it was sponge cake, strawberry “coulee” and pudding with cool whip on top. I like to put brandy (usually blackberry) in, as well. You pour that on top and let it sit. The longer it sits, the stronger (and better) it gets.

It got late (about 8:00) so our company went home to continue their party – which meant bedtime! They go to bed about 9:00 every night!

And on our side? Well, I talked to Jody about her blog (she wanted weather and the moon phases); Norm talked to his brother in South Dakota. I popped some popcorn and we all sat on the bed and watched the news. Peanut sat between us and nearly had whiplash, turning from one to the other. “Who is going to give me the NEXT piece of popcorn?” Peanut doesn’t get much people food but she is allowed a bit of orange, apple and popcorn as treats.

Then, after watching the fireworks in New Zealand, Australia and Hong Kong, we turned off the TV and went to bed!! Whew!!! We made it to 10:30!!!!

Last night was the second night in a row that Norm actually slept all night in our bed. Since his accident this last month, he has been sleeping in the recliner. He ended up with cracked ribs that he had to be careful of and his shoulder was pretty sore. Generally, Peanut has been keeping me company in bed but now that Norm can join me, Peanut has gone back to her bed next to my side of the bed. It was strange to wake up in the middle of the night to have him there beside me. It has been waaaaay to long since he was there last!

So, that’s the story of the wild times here. We really DO party!!

On another note, today is the 146th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation that was signed by President Lincoln in 1863!

It is a beautiful day, a beautiful new year! You have a beautiful day AND a beautiful year! May your year be filled with love, peace and prosperity.

And here is the sunrise, at 7:30 this morning, on the first day of 2009!



goodshepherd said...

You guys are such party animals, I just don't know how you manage to EVER get up early enough to take pictures of an actual SUNRISE!!! Good grief, Connie... :)

jayedee said...

sounds like your start to 2009 was a good 'un! we had family over and it was really nice too!

btw, i have a spring seed giveaway going over at my blog-

stop by and check it out, if you'd like!

Tracey said...

Well, you know my idea of wild, don't you? Go outside and ride the horse :) Wild as they come, lol!

I don't blame Peanut...I like the soft chewy stuff best, too. Popcorn sounds good, though. Is it an acceptable breakfast food?