Thursday, January 08, 2009

I did it!

I crossed the finish line! I hit the wall! I ran the race and won! I did all of that and more.

I am now qualified for Medicare and have signed up for UCare …… so (supposedly) all my medical bills will be paid for with a very minimum co-pay!

And because of that, this morning, I am going to be going to see my knee specialist and make arrangements to have my bionic knee (as Jody so lovingly puts it) put in.

Then, watch me roar!!!

Sixty-five years ago, on an Army Air Force base in Florida, it was raining. My dad was out on guard duty and my mother had to drive herself to the hospital, accompanied by Nana.



And now it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I am ready to be a wise woman (if I can).

You have a beautiful day!


Joy said...

Happy Birthday. We love you.
Keep your feet warm.... :)

City Mouse said...

Happy birthday! May it be a wonderful one! You always have just the best photos ever!

jayedee said...

happy birthday connie! i hope it's the BEST one ever and all your dreams come true!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday! You go girl! :)

Frances said...

OOh gorgeous couple with a cute baybee! Belated birthday greetings and good luck getting yr knee fixed up.


Candy Duell said...

Happy Birthday Connie, I am sorry I missed it yesterday! Now go and get your knee fixed so you and peanut can get walking together :)

Say hi to Norm for me.

Cathy M said...

Happy Birthday and welcome to the club