Friday, January 16, 2009

Happenings in our town

Last Saturday – almost a week ago, Candy and I met at the Senior Citizen Center to do fiber crafts.

You see, Candy came up with this brilliant idea this winter --- why not meet once a month at a public place and invite other women (or men, if they chose) to join us for fiber stuff. Jody was included (but she couldn’t come this last week).

Candy searched for the right place – had to be close to all of us, had to be inexpensive and had to be accessible to others. Had to be comfortable, as well.

The Senior Citizen Center has a large room with a full kitchen attached that we are allowed to use. And it is affordable!

The premise comes from Candy’s rug hooking teacher. She did the same – rented somewhere and invited others to come to learn or do. Candy, at that time, was looking for a teacher for her rug hooking and joined the teacher on the very first day.

So, we are hoping to get others to join us to learn from us or teach us or just have fun for the whole day. If no one shows, then it will be a day away from home (and men, yes) do to our stuff!

I took my rocking chair (can’t live without a rocking chair), my spinning wheel, my demo loom and knitting. I also took a hot lunch in a crock-pot for us – to celebrate and stay warm because of the bitter cold.

Candy took her rug hooking stuff, her books, several rugs and several types of rug making, knitting and crocheting.

At the last moment, I grabbed my tatting shuttle and a book on tatting.

The day that Candy and I went to look at the room and talk to the manager, there happened to be a couple in there that were interested. The lady asked what time we would “open;” she was there on Saturday just as Candy was unloading her stuff. She stayed all morning! Next month, she will show Candy how to do a crocheted circle (Candy has problems with that) and Candy got a copy of one of the lovely throws in the lady’s pattern book.

Also, the secretary of the township and the town was in the office for some extra work; she spent most of her time in with us.

I showed both of the ladies the basics of tatting. The secretary took a rug making idea, as well as equipment, with her.

We had a few other ladies stop to see us and will try to make it next month. Just this week we had calls from others who want to join us next month, as well.

This just MIGHT work out to be something big!!! Jody will hopefully be joining us next month as well (she was in the cities with her mom – Hi, Marie! – last weekend).

It is simply a group that gathers to share information, skills and good times. Perhaps you might like to think about something like that in your community!

It was a beautiful day that day. Norm brought me, then came and got me. We stayed until 5:00, just doing our things. Candy worked on her rug hooking and I worked on Norm’s glove – I had made him gloves for Christmas, but the little finger of the last one was too small, so had to tear it out and re-do it.
Can’t wait until next month – it will be fun! Hopefully there will be more people there to share their knowledge of crafts!


Candy in the big room

Photobucket A small hooking of Candy's

A rug that Candy designed

It is a beautiful day today – the sun is shining, it’s about 0º out. Even though the wind is blowing, there is a heat wave coming! Tomorrow my floor loom goes to her new home and Norm will discuss a new smaller loom for me! You have a beautiful day!


Kati said...

*grin* Sounds like a grand time, Connie!!! I hope you get some younger folks in there learning from you experienced Ladies. Could use more of "us youngsters" picking up on the "old crafts". Glad you had a good time, anyway. What I wanna know though, is.... What was for lunch? *wink*

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Oh Boy, do I wish I could come to your next gathering, it sounds like so much fun! I wish there was something like that in my area! The rug that Candy is working on looks like it is going to be beautiful.

Candy Duell said...

This is the second time you have done this isn't this? Good for you! There is one in my area, but it is usually on Saturday am, and I work every sat. I would love for you to come and move here, and start something like that :):):)

Jan said...

What a wonderful idea!
I would come if I lived closer. I want to learn to tat.