Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching up

Well, it’s been a busy week, so today is “catch-up” day. First of all, I got an award from Tracey at Mustang Diaries that I will post in another post. But thank you, Tracey, for giving it to me!

On Tuesday night, Candy and Wayne came over for our (supposedly) weekly get-together. But because of the weather, it’s been two weeks since we saw them last. Candy brought over some ripped sheets and started a rug on the rug loom. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that the Union is a floor loom and had treadles!! And so much fun to WHOMP!!! that beater!


Tuesday was the first of our January Thaw. No WIND! Temperatures up above zero!

Then on Wednesday, I picked Jody up and went to Candy’s. We then headed out to Mankato for our once a month (approximately) shopping trip and girls’ day out. The sun was shining on day two of the January Thaw and the temperatures went up to about thirty decrees!!

Candy was getting goldfish and I wanted to get goldfish, but Norm said “no” – and sometimes I listen to his “no-s.” But then Jody bought me a Beta (Siamese Fighting Fish) for my birthday that we named “Guy Noir, Private Eye.” Guy Noir for short. I had wanted a purple one but fell in love with this scarlet velvet one.

On the way home from Candy’s (she lives six miles from me as the crow flies but nine miles by the road), it took Jody and I almost thirty minutes to get home. The sunset was so very awesome that we kept stopping to look and take pictures.


Thursday, yesterday, the temperature was up to thirty-five and there was (again) no wind and sunshine! But I couldn’t blog then, either, because I was working on a newsletter.

Our Arts and Recreation center does a newsletter every two months. I do the formatting, but my friends Fritzie and Cathy do the information and then “suggest” the way it should look. So first thing this week, I got the calendar to put in. I had to get four months’ worth of stuff into half a page! Then I got an email from Cathy saying I needed to change the calendar. THEN got an email from Fritzie that changed the calendar but didn’t have Cathy’s changes.

Then Cathy sent me information for the front page; Fritzie said, “don’t put THAT there!” Cathy sent me the third page; Fritzie said “put it on the fourth page.” Didn’t KNOW we had a fourth page, so I added page four and five. I was confused about the calendar and asked Cathy to call me. Got an email – “Ya talking to me? Ya talking to me? Look me in the face when you say that!”

Plus I got a phone call from the therapist in Sioux Falls about my knee surgery (now scheduled for February third). Rather than going to Sioux Falls for a pre-op class, we covered as much as we could think of on the phone. And then I got a call from Joy. Haven’t talked to Joy for a very long time, so that was a long conversation.

About eleven, I decided to get dressed out of my pretty new jammies that I had gotten at Wal-mart on Wednesday and get some breakfast.

Norm wanted lunch (already?) so I had to take a break to get dressed, make lunch, make breakfast (brunch, actually, now), wash some dishes and go BACK to the computer. I printed out (on PDF) the newsletter and sent it. I send it PDF so the girls can’t mess with it – they only mess with my head! Fritzie emailed and said, “The calendar is wrong. Change page two to page three, make page two from page three.”

Okay, girls …. The newsletter went out last night, so now I am waiting with bated breath for the changes you want TODAY.

Then Bill and Shirley (llama people) came over. I was showing Bill how to post on Craig’s List. That took some time, as I went step by step for him while he wrote everything down. Shirley apologized for Bill because he is “self-taught.” Nothing wrong with that – so am I.

Way back in the mid eighties, when I was starting to learn about computers, I had several friends who were computer science majors in college. When I had a problem, I’d go to them for help. And their help? They made me figure it out for myself. Admittedly they would step in if I was truly stuck, but they did teach me to struggle and sweat and work it out by myself, which has worked very well for me, as I have not had any one to help me in years; all I have learned since then has pretty much been by trial and error (mostly error).

So, now it’s suppertime – leftover spaghetti, so I don’t have to cook and downstairs to watch TV in the family room. The day was beautiful with no wind, lots of sun and nice and warm.

And about midnight was the end of the January Thaw. The “promised” cold snap was coming and with it was the return to the wind tunnel, cold and wind chill. Plus the roads are drifting again, so will be difficult for Norm to drive the three miles to work this afternoon, I’m a thinkin’!

So, that’s been my week. Today I’m going to rearrange furniture and clean house so that the walker will fit in here and I will have a moderately clean house to come home to from the hospital.

Despite the wind and cold, the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. You have a beautiful day! And enjoy the view of Jody's grove in the sunset!



City Mouse said...

Jody's grove is just gorgeous. And I always love to see pictures of the looms. Sounds like everything is in process and you're moving along nicely with all your plans there. Good on ya!

goodshepherd said...

It's not very often that I am at a loss for words, but Connie, all a person can say about the sky that night is: "WOW". I must save these pictures and attempt to incorporate them into one of my upcoming paintings.

Candy Duell said...

You have been a busy woman. Your picture of the sunset is wonderful. I think it is one of your bests! How long are you going to be in the hospital for the knee replacement?

cherylhotton said...

It sounds like you have a great life Connie ! Do your friends Candy and Jody have blogs ?

Anonymous said...

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