Monday, December 29, 2008

Too quiet on the Western Front!

All have left and only Norm, Peanut and I are here, at home. It was a great, busy, hectic, fun time for the last few days.

Joy and family arrived about 1:00 in the morning on “Boxing Day.” Norm took a nap while waiting, but I worked on the Australian loom, “Matilda.” (Yes, Jody, your spinning wheel is Matilda, but I had my loom named before you even saw your wheel! So THERE!) I am making a blue table runner (or table cloth, depending on what I decide when the runner is done) with “Wall of Troy” for a pattern. I made some mistakes but decided to keep them so I would remember the time I was waiting for the family to arrive.

Boxing Day is a holiday that is celebrated in the Great British countries, for the most part. It is usually the day after Christmas and is a bank holiday (in these modern times – well, since 1871). It is also considered St Stephen’s Day in other countries.

We were babysitting Buttons, niece Cookie’s wire-haired mini-doxie and the 2 were spending a lot of time wrestling and having races in the living room, much to the dismay of the rugs on the floor. There were way too many people and dogs at Candy’s for the comfort of all, so we took Buttons here. (At Candy’s, there were 3 dogs and 6 people.)

So, anyway, the family arrived, and when they drove up, Buttons ran down to the basement and jumped on Norm’s stomach to wake him up!

Grand-puppy Tasha came with (sorry, no pictures of her – don’t know why!), so for a while we had great excitement and noise with 3 dogs, 2 excited grand-girls and 4 excited adults.

We finally got settled and in to bed about 2:30 and slept a short night.

The next morning (or was it later in the morning?) we had breakfast and then opened presents. I got more socks (thank you, Joy!) and Norm got a lovely pair of suspenders!

Mom and Dad as well as Cookie and Binni came over to spend time with Joy and family. And a great time was had by all!

After Mom and Dad headed back to Candy’s, where they were sleeping, it seemed to quiet down. Cookie and Binni spent the night; Ken set up the girls’ new Christmas present, the Wii, and everyone trucked downstairs to play or watch someone else play.

The next morning (after another late night), we had a late breakfast and Cookie, Binni and Buttons headed home. Okay, it was “quiet” now!!! The girls went with Norm to the Farm as he was doing chores this weekend, and the rest of us took naps.

We had leftovers and played on the Wii, again. Then fell into bed. Sunday morning was another late breakfast; the girls went to the Farm with Norm, again, and Ken started watching “THE” game – the Vikings were playing for the chance to be in the finals so it was very, very important (to some people, anyway!).

A late lunch, with the requisite macaroni and cheese, which has to be at 1 meal, at least and more leftovers. After the victorious game, then everyone started packing. Since Ken and Joy were in the Kia, there was limited space.

The discussion was to leave Tasha or 1 of the girls to make more room but that fell through when Ken said that NO ONE would stay here – he couldn’t get on without any of them!

However, Bubba had to leave her most precious gift of the year – her new loom; we will mail it to Florida in the next few days so she can continue to weave. As you will see in the pictures, she was rarely without it and had already done about 18” on her first project. This loom is a small 12” demonstration model that I felt I didn’t need any more. She has been begging for a loom for over a year and was so excited when she finally got one. I am the “best grandma ever!!” As I am the only living grandma she has, there isn’t much competition, but I took the compliment anyway!

The only things missing were Jill and Eric, at home in Washington. Jill had to work the day after Christmas!! If they had been here, my joy would have been complete! They were missed! And, yes, Jill, we DID talk about you! Were your ears burning?

So, here are the pictures – enjoy them! We enjoyed making them!!! It is a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!

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goodshepherd said...

WOW! EVERYONE had a GRAND TIME, including the puppies! I think that the idea of following a string to a present is a very clever idea. I am so glad for Bubba and her new loom. She looks like a real professional weaver, sitting there working away!