Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I have more blogs to add to my list

There is Shannon who works at Historic Murphy’s Landing (now called “The Landing” – how boring!). She has pictures of the houses at Folkways and notes about how each ethnic group celebrated Christmas in the 1800s.

Look at the Swedish post – she has pictures that were taken in “my” house. The curtains on the windows are some that I wove several years ago. The warp on the loom is the one that I left when we left in 2005. The tablecloth is one that I had purchased and donated to the house – I have fond memories of that tablecloth! It made me homesick to see the pictures of the house and remember good times I had there. However, not homesick enough to go BACK. I am enjoying being here and doing my crafts in a modern environment, warm and cozy.

And also Dream River Farm. I discovered this blog while looking at Jody’s blog. The Dream River Farm is about two hours from us, to the east. We have been down there occasionally, and it is a beautiful area! The farm carries Babydoll Sheep (so cute) and Dexter cattle. Before Norm injured his neck, we had plans for Dexter cattle here.

It’s enjoyable to see the pictures and read the stories about someone else who is trying to live greenly and with animals around her.

On the same note (but different), have you stopped over to Good Shepherd Farm? There are new puppies to see!

And Bill Fisher has some llama pictures up for you to enjoy.

It will be a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Tracey said...

I'll bet it was nice to let your mind wander back to that old house, wasn't it?

I like the slide show in yesterday's post...that frame around it is quite nice, too!

jayedee said...

just stopping by to wish you a late merry christmas and an on time happy new year!

Frances said...

happy and healthy 2009 connie!