Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Here we go, again!

Norm, in his all his glory! The man is jinxed, I tell you, jinxed!!! This month is his third anniversary of surviving a broken neck. Is he careful? No! Does he think ahead? No!

Yesterday afternoon, Norm was working at the Farm and putting hay bales on the little automated ramp that carries them up to the barn loft. He was doing this all by himself, as usual, and as he is NOT supposed to do. He is supposed to ask the office manager to help him. He was standing on the hay bales in the hay wagon and stepped on the edge of one of the bales that was on the edge of the wagon. The bale flipped off and so did Norm. (He said, later, that he found he cannot fly and cannot bounce anymore!)

He called me from the Farm to ask me to pick him up, and scared the living daylights out of me because of the way he was sounding and talking. He handed the phone to one of the office girls who told me what happened.

I drove down, picked him up with a worker's comp slip with the Farm's information on it and took him to Westbrook. The boss / owner wanted to take him to Windom, but it's closer to Westbrook and I've gotten a nice relationship with people there. It's smaller and friendlier, too, than the Windom hospital / clinic.

Norm saw Dr. Cassle, who is an "old farm boy" like Norm and they discussed the pleasures of horses over goats ("Horses don't climb on your car," quotes the good doctor!). After x-rays and more poking than Norm wanted, the decision was that no bones broken. He will be recliner bound for a while with good STRONG pain pills that I had to fight him to take two of, rather than just one, and we will wait and see.

If (IF) he can raise his left arm up to and above his shoulder by Monday, he will be fine, eventually. If he can NOT raise that arm, then he will see a shoulder specialist. He could have "just" torn tendons and bruised muscles or he could have torn the rotor cuff in that left shoulder.

Two good things – it's his left arm and workers' comp will pay for it! Oh! A third ---- he did NOT hurt that sensitive neck!!! Just left his brains in his hat on the ground! Or left his brains at home yesterday!

So all projects are on a hold. I was up two times for pills last night. Peanut spent most of the night with Norm, keeping his lap warm and making him feel loved. I told him I would forgive him for being stupid if I didn't have to fight him to take the pills.

Now Norm is sitting by the picture window, watching the birds and bundled up, taking naps most of the day. Peanut, again, is keeping his lap warmed (she loves it when someone sits in a recliner for a very long time). I am working on chili and corn bread for supper, as Candy and Wayne are coming for their weekly get-together. Jody is coming, as well. She’s going to go out to the barn with me and help me collect the egg that our “Hawk” chicken keeps insisting on laying way UP in the haystack where I can’t reach it! She is also bringing me some chili powder as I found I was out of it and had forgotten to put it on the grocery list (duh!).

It’s a beautiful day – warmish – the wind has dropped considerably and the sun is shining part-time. Norm is well, thank all the good gods, and we are both warm and comfortable (within reason). You have a beautiful day!


City Mouse said...

Good thoughts and best wishes for Norm! I know you will be taking brilliant care of him. We'll ve thinking of you guys.

Rose said...

Norm, Norm, Norm, when are you going to settle down! Connie, sit on that boy and keep him still until he is better! HUGS!

Frances said...

Pleae give Norm a big (careful!) hug from me , and take care yourself , don't wear yourself out!
Love to you both.


jayedee said...

boy howdy! his guardian angel must've been working double time for him!!!!! so glad he's all right......except that little brain thing, that is!