Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another new blog

Sharon from Sweet Repose has become a new friend. She is down across the border in Iowa. (Did you know that "true" Minnesotans and "true" Iowans bicker like the North Dakota / South Dakota people do?)

She is an antique buff - and has many for sale, as well. Also, she writes poetry. How wonderful to find another new friend. What a wonderful blessing the Internet can be if you use it to the good!

She has a picture on her blog, today, that looks like my place. But I'm too chicken to go outside - it's -9 for a chill factor and I'm a wimp when it comes to cold like that.

But the sun is shining so it's beautiful to LOOK at. You have a beautiful day!

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Far Side of Fifty said...

I will check her out! Yes I have heard about some MN IA wars! It is just bitter here 12 below zero windchill this afternoon. I was out playing with the dog..nearly froze to death..we finally got some snow cover last night about an inch. or maybe two. At least all the brown is covered up:)