Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And .... he's a fast healer!

Well, Norm has been a good boy and been taking pills and resting and doing some stretching – at least a little bit. He is now able to walk easier, get out of the chair easier and do a few things around the house, easier. He even went outside this morning and brushed the snow off the car (not the roof, though) and broomed the driveway off of the two inches of snow we got overnight.

This evening he went out to the barn to do chores – his choice, as he wanted some fresh air. He also went to church with neighbor Jody tonight.

His shoulder is SOMEWHAT better. He can raise his arm up to the level of his shoulder with less pain than even yesterday and it doesn’t hurt as much to breath deeply. (The doctor told him to make sure he took deep breaths, as it’s easy to get pneumonia when the chest or ribs hurt badly.)

If he can lift his arm about his shoulder by Monday, he won’t have to go back to the doctor. If not, he will have to go to a specialist to see if he has done BIG damage to it. But at this time, it looks like it’s “just” muscle and tendon damage.

Norm has read all of your good wishes and wishes to thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I will keep you updated with his progress. Right now he’s in the kitchen, dishing up some ice cream ….. that’s the best medicine in the world, he says.


Candy Duell said...

I am so glad that Norm is healing quickly. Nothing worse than getting hurt again. Tell him to watch his step in the future! I was going to call you yesterday, but the day got away from me, and then the Grandson came. Tell Norm to keep resting!

Jan said...

Oh, ice cream, a really good medicine! Works every time. J