Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What can you use it for?

So, we were talking at lunch today – it was “girls’ day out.” Jody and Candy and I were in Mankato for our monthly (give or take) shopping trip to Sam’s and pet stores and fun places.

Lunch was at Panera, a lovely bakery and lunch counter. I had French Onion Soup and a Smoked Turkey sandwich; Candy had the same soup and a sandwich with spinach and artichokes (ewwww! Are we really related?); Jody had bagels with honey and walnut cream cheese.

I was telling Candy about using my brand new KitchenAid three-cup food processor. “You just used it for the first time yesterday?” says she. Say I, “I’ve been gone, you know, and I want to use it for garlic and don’t have any – yet.”

So, here I am telling her that I took cooked liver (boiled in water with garlic powder), a carrot, a potato and an apple and chopped them all up, then mixed them with yogurt for binding.

Jody leaned over and whispered “For Peanut!” And Candy’s faced cleared.

Now, Candy, do you actually think I would fix something like that for me, with liver? Ewwww, liver! That is one way the two of us are the same.

Candy leaned to Jody and said, “She spent a hundred dollars for a machine to chop liver for her dog???”

Actually, the food processor only cost about thirty dollars, as it is a small one and, no, it’s not just for Peanut. However, that was what was on my mind at the time.

Now I have gotten two pounds of garlic to chop and freeze as well as five pounds of onions to do the same (well almost all the onions). Makes it much easier to cook when you can just grab a few chopped garlic bulbs or onions rather than having to chop them up as I go.

Then Candy told me that she and niece Cookie made pie crusts in her new bigger KitchenAid food processor to make pie crusts. Cool! And maybe I could make noodle dough with it, as well? Hmmmm.

However, back to the liver, etc that I made for Peanut. While in Washington with Jill and Eric, I saw Jill take a hunk of meat out of the freezer for Remy. She buys commercial meat made for dogs with vitamins, vegetables, fruit, and other good stuff to supplement his food. Remy has allergies so has to eat grainless meals; the vet said this would help put oils into his body and some good things that could be missing in the dry dog food.

I decided that perhaps Peanut would appreciate this extra once a week, so mixed up my own concoction. I mixed it up, put it in the freezer and called Peanut to eat the leftover. She came running when I called, didn’t even SNIFF the bowl but INHALED what was there for her.

Jody asked for the recipe so here it is, to the best of my knowledge. If you wish to make something like this for your dog, you can put in anything you want.

I boiled about a pound of beef liver with a sprinkling of garlic powder. When it was cooked and cool, I cut it up into pieces to fit in my handy-dandy new food processor and chopped it until it was in shredded, tiny pieces. I then chopped up a carrot – washed but not peeled, with the ends cut off. I chopped up a medium potato, not peeled but washed and eyes and bad spots cut out. I cored an apple, small, washed but not peeled and chopped that up. I put it all together and mixed it with some plain yogurt for a binder.

Next time I might have some flax seeds or flax seed oil (open some of Norm’s pills) or even buy some powdered flax seed (saw some in the store today) to add that Omega Three that is supposed to be so good. I could put broccoli in, as well.

Then, the brilliant (to me) part. I took cupcake papers, put them in a muffin tin and put about a quarter cup of the mix in each paper and froze it. Then it went into bags. Once a week, I will take a “cupcake” out, thaw it out and feed it to Peanut. I already know she approves of it. I figured once a week, a quarter of a cup would not be too much but be a nice treat.

Remy also gets “pupsicles” – Jill makes yogurt and peanut butter cups, freezes them in dixie cups and gives one to him every once in awhile. He loves to lick them, frozen, and doesn’t even eat the paper. So I made some – I have some organic peanut butter and plain yogurt. I put about a quarter cup of that in cupcake papers and froze them, as well. I will rip the paper off of them and put them in her special treat bowl; we’ll see if she likes them frozen or if she waits until they thaw to eat.

So, two new treats for Peanut and a nice use for my new handy-dandy food processor.

However (Candy, are you listening?), tonight I used the food processor for something else. I purchased some Romano cheese at Sam’s. I cut it up into several pieces, food-savered three pieces and put one piece into the chopper. I ran it until the cheese was pulverized and just about as fine as the dried Parmesan cheese (that comes in the green cardboard boxes for pasta dishes). It should work and taste even better!

It was a great girls’ day out – lots of shopping (food, not the fun yarn and fiber stuff), but with great company.

You have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Hi Connie,
I,too, make pie crusts in my food processor and use my smaller one everyday. My husband chops his breakfast walnuts and I mixs eggs for egg salad or tuna or chicken for salad for sandwiches. Its a fabulous tool!

Candy Duell said...

It sounds like you had a delightful day out with the girls. I like to do that once in awhile also.

Did you know that people make yogurt for their chickens too? If I gave my yogurt to the chickens, my kids/grandkids would think I was nuts, since they love it! :)

Cris said...

Hi Connie, what a fun post to read! A food processor for your dog? Joking... My mom has a small one, a one-cup food processor that I gave her last year for Christmas and well, she loves it to make her homemade garlic spices and also uses it with nuts. Have a nice day!

jayedee said...

hahahaha! my very first food processor was purchased to make salad for my baby iguanas!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie! Nice to meet another Connie, especially another one from Minnesota! We used to live in Moorhead, Mn for about 14 years. We live in between Detroit Lakes and Park Rapids the boonies! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I have read a little here, and really like what I see, so I will add you to my favorite blog list! :)