Saturday, November 15, 2008


Okay, here are some pictures of the trip to the Space Needle. Some of them have rotated but I don't know how or how to fix them, so you might have to stand on your head to see them. Sorry about that!

I will put more on later - I don't want to clog up your computer!

It's a beautiful sunny but cold day. You have a beautiful day.


jayedee said...

hahahaha! we have a frank too...ours is a senegal parrot and his name is chainsaw. (named after he repeatedly tried to gnaw our fingers down to the knuckles! lol)

City Mouse said...

All the pics are gorgeous ... but I have a soft spot for dogs. Remy is gorgeous (and has an awesome name). Glad you got lots of wonderful photos from the trip. I'm still intrigued by your train travel and how civilized you found it.

Oh yeah, and I tagged you with a meme at my blog. =)

Linda said...

It is so beautiful there in Seattle.