Monday, November 24, 2008

A new blogger, an old friend

I just got back from my llama friend Bill's house after setting him up with a blog. He will be writing about his llama stories and posting pictures of his beautiful animals. Please go see his blog and post a message to him.

Bill breeds and shows his llamas and also has several for sale. If any of you in the area (or even further out) want some for guard animals, pets or fiber, be sure to contact him for animals and prices.

He has prize winning miniature llamas; they are much smaller and easier to handle (and cuter) than the bigger models. His pride and glory at this time is Wendy Darling. And rightfully so, as she is a real darling and a beautiful specimen. I was fortunate to see her at a very young age and take her picture (that's MY picture on his blog, by the way) and was also allowed to name her and her partner, Peter Pan. I believe that Bill will write about Wendy Darling's prizes in the near future.

Bill was one of my first friends that I made after we moved down here. He has been very generous with his time in teaching me (and Candy, too) about llamas. Unfortunately, neither of us is able to put a llama or two at our homes, but we can go over and see them any time we want.

I treasure Bill's friendship and hope you can get to know him through his blog. He and wife Shirley are wonderful people; a joy to know and it is a great honor to have them call me a friend.

Go visit him!


Candy Duell said...

Connie, I am looking forward to your friend Bill's blog about mini llama's.I put a link on my web page.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good job on his blog set up! I am very interested in learning more about Llamas! :)