Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new blog friend

Candy from New York sent me a link to another blog that is really interesting and a lot of fun to read.

This is Far Side from Fifty.

She is from Minnesota and is also a Connie - how cool to meet someone with the same name.

I have another friend who's name is Connie, as well. When I call her and get her answering machine, I always say "This is Connie for Connie." Sounds confusing, but fun to say.

So, Connie, this is Connie saying, welcome! I enjoy your blog and I'm putting you on my favorite list.

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Far Side of Fifty said...

Hi Connie, I finally had a minute to look Storden up on my trusty MN map! I came back to report and low and behold I am the subject of your blog! Thanks to Candy from New is a funny thing this web! Never can tell who you will meet next!
Anyway I am almost exactly 175 mile straight north of you as the crow flies. I found that pretty interesting! I hope you get more snow than us this winter! Does anyone down there practically in Iowa say uffda or den or ubetcha? Our area is real Scandanavian..Finns, German, Norweigans and some about you? I love Minnesota except when it snows, the huge skeeters are out or when the roads are under construction. I have lived in Minnesota all of my life except for a few years when my husband was active duty Air Force and a couple of years when we lived in North Dakota. It is nice to meet another Minnesota blogger!!Especially one with such a beautiful name! :) The other Connie