Saturday, November 29, 2008

I was a fool!

I went to Candy’s lovely Thanksgiving dinner without my camera! DUH!!! So I didn’t capture on “film” the beautiful table, the lovely food, the wonderful guests.

The turkey was not only beautiful to behold, it was a pleasure and joy to eat! Cookie brought some lovely sweet wine to add to the meal; it was not hard to drink two glasses (which is my limit!).

After dinner, Cookie and I went into the living room to rest while Candy picked up (refused help, which I honestly DID offer!) and the boys and Binni played cribbage. I cuddled down in the recliner with Cricket and started to knit, but didn’t make it very far. When I woke up, it was because Cricket jumped off my lap to go have supper. Everyone insisted that I had been sleeping for over two hours, but I doubt it! I think that it was less than an hour – maybe only about half an hour, but it WAS dark when I woke up and it wasn’t when I went to sleep!

So, we had pie (they waited for me, thankfully) and then we four girls played “Taboo” and the boys played another couple of hands of cribbage.

Candy sent home a lot of leftover turkey, so we had hot turkey sandwiches for supper last night (yummmmm!).

Now, this morning, Norm went out hunting, as it’s “black powder” season. I said he could hunt in our grove (I haven’t let him, before), as we know there are quite a few deer, including young bucks, sleeping there nearly every night. His “bird dog,” Jody, joined him. She walked from north to south and he sat on the southwest corner, but they didn’t see anything. I feel they were both too late going out this morning. Oh, well, another day he’ll try again. I don’t “approve” of hunting, except in the case of planning to put the meat in the freezer (or to can it). And I don’t like Norm hunting in our grove, but we do need the meat!

Okay, so since I did not get a cool Thanksgiving picture this year, I thought I’d put one on from my memory bank. This was in 1968. Any clue as to who these three girls are? (This actually is for family, ‘cause I’m sure my millions of fans wouldn’t know!)


It’s a beautiful day, even though there is no sun, it’s almost forty degrees out and very little wind. You have a beautiful day!


jayedee said...

i'm so glad you had a wonderful thanksgiving! food is only part of it, isn't it?
btw, gotta love the glasses on the girl in the mystery photo! lol
was it taken in the late 60s?

Sweet Repose said...

Just popped over from My Iowa Garden and am enjoying your blog, here's hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, the family shot from the 60's is priceless...the glasses...ha!

We are getting our first snow of the season, so I am goofing off on the PC and watching it fall. I'm at a stage in my career, that I can stay home and work, but the winter always scares the doodoo out of me, especially with the economy as it is...always a scramble to make it, being single and approaching 60, but I require very little these days, just the beauty around me and my bad dog Scratchy.

Have a wonderful day.

Sharon in Iowa