Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beanie!

My baby is 35 today! What a wonderful gift for us to be here for this day!

I am making sausage and biscuits for her breakfast birthday. We took her out to a cool "Road House" place for supper last night and her gift is coming (hopefully today).

She was born about 6:00 at night on a day that allowed me to watch TV in the hospital and watch Princess Anne (anyone remember her?) marry her true love.

This was in Tumut, NSW, Australia, while we lived there for 5 years. An interesting time. The hospital experience was very different than the one for Joy. This time of the year in Australia is Spring time, so it's starting to get warmer. I was in the hospital for 7 days - mostly because I had a child at home and the doctor wanted me to stay and rest before going home to family responsibilities.

This was the time that I learned a lot of Australian food tastes, as the meals in the hospital could have rivaled a restaurant for quality.

I also almost lost Jill one day - the nurses would bring the babies to the mothers from the nursery and one day they brought the wrong baby to me. She LOOKED like Jill, but didn't ... something was wrong! So I got out of bed and took the baby back towards the nursery, only to meet her mommy bringing MY baby to me -- they got mixed up because they looked so much alike and the nurses had not looked at the wrist bands closely enough. Whew! What would have happened if we hadn't realized it and had taken the wrong babies home? I shudder to think!

I do not have a baby picture with me (the archives are saved on my external drive at home) so I will have to show you one sometime later.

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you ..... you have brought sunshine into my life!


Jill's birthday present



City Mouse said...

Happy Birthday, Beanie! You sure sound like you have had an awesome and fun life so far. Many happy returns!

jayedee said...

happy birthday beanie! hoping all your dreams come true!

Linda said...

Wow, being born in spring and having autumn birthdays. I hadn't thought of that one.