Friday, October 24, 2008

Okay, now that Jody has her gifts, I can show you what I got while shopping at the antique store on the way home. I got a thimble, as I collect them, and also got salt cellars for Jody and found a cool salt cellar for me.

Today Jody is over and we are testing out our toy - a wool picker! We are trying my best Merino wool from when I lived at Murphy's Landing to see how it goes. I will take pictures and show you when we actually get it up and running.

We have gotten over three inches of rain this week but today it's almost fifty, there is a little bit of sun and very little wind. It's a beautiful day - you have a beautiful day.




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City Mouse said...

That is an AWESOME thimble! The little guy on top is so cool - and you got such a good shot of it. (And the salt cellars are pretty cool too.) I love that there are always neat little things that can be picked up in an antique shop. I have a thing for antique umbrellas.