Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new project

Well, Jody got her loom this past week - I went over yesterday to help put it up, as she had no idea what to put where! It's a twenty-eight inch LeClerc and very solid. We had to have Norm come over because we were having difficulties with some of the screws and actually needed six hands to hold and screw and stuff like that.

Now it is set up (sitting on two TV trays); Jody is going to get a table from the garage that should fit for now and move it downstairs in the warmer area of the house (they heat by wood, so the basement is the warmest). Eventually Don or Norm will build her a stand, like I have for my two table looms, for her loom.


Today or tomorrow she will come over to get some of my yarn for her first project. I think she will borrow my 15" reed, as she is going to use Peaches and Creme' for a warp and her reed is a 12 dent, which is a little too fine for that fat yarn. So that will be teaching day number one - how to use the warping mill to get her first warp!

While there, I saw her pumpkins on the TV - decorated as "Veggie Tales" characters.


It will be a windy, nasty day today, they say. But it will be a beautiful day, none-the-less. You have a beautiful day!


City Mouse said...

That is an awesome loom! I've always thought that weaving (true weaving) is one of the neatest skills to have. Nice sized loom - not too big, not too small.

jayedee said...

i wish you lived closer so i could throw myself on your mercy and beg you to mentor me!!!!
i would so love to learn to spin my own wool and weave my own fabric! heck i'd be happy if i just knew someone who could teach me to knit! lol
you are such an inspiration to me!

Kati said...

I'm also loving the detail of that loom. As City Mouse said, it's the perfect size! Man, makes me want to come to Minnesota to have you guide me through buying spinning wheel and loom and teach me how to use both. *sigh*

Enjoy your time teaching Jody how to weave!