Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How cool is this?

Norm and I have been talking about – and promising – that we would go out to see Jill and Eric in Seattle, hopefully this fall. Well, it didn’t seem possible – it would probably be bad weather, take so long to drive and take too much money. Well, I was feeling badly about letting Jill down until Norm said …….

“Let’s take the Amtrak!”

Cool idea – but could we do it? The closest station is about five hours away and the cost is pretty bad.

However, I promised Norm that I would look into it. And it is working! Yes, boys and girls, we are going to Seattle by Amtrak two days after election. Either as a celebration or a mourning period, depending on how the election goes, but we are going!

The trip is “only” thirty-two hours so we figured we could survive with the coach chairs rather than the roomettes that are offered. That makes it more affordable.

So my question is now … do I have enough batteries for the camera? Guess I’d better start packing them.

Jill wants me to bring some of my classical music for her to listen to. She and I may not have fiber in common like Joy and I do, but we have a lot of other things … music, theater, movies, and books among other things.

Now, when I called to tell Jill and Eric that the tickets were purchased, they asked where I wanted to go for sightseeing. Eric mentioned the Norwegian place is only about fifteen minutes from the train station, so we will go visit that as our last place before we head home. As far as other places, well, mountains … I would like to get close to one – don’t know if I could CLIMB very far (what am I saying? “don’t know?” I KNOW I couldn’t!), but I would like to get close!

Now, the only thing that is sad about this trip is Peanut – she will have to stay home. I can’t convince anyone that she is a seeing-eye dog! They and other service dogs are the only pets allowed on the train. And she certainly couldn’t be my cane to hold me up because of my bad knee. Sigh!

I asked Wayne if he would be willing to care for Peanut while we were gone and he said he would if I answered his question correctly. I failed, but he took pity and agreed, anyway. The question was: would a mermaid eat a tuna fish sandwich? I said, “No, it might be her uncle,” but Wayne said, “Yes, if she were hungry enough.”

I promise I will take a bunch of pictures and probably put them on as a slide show so you won’t be swamped with too many pictures on one page. And will keep a journal – I AM taking the computer but won’t have service until I get to Seattle.

It was a rainy, chilly day today, but beautiful all the same. You have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

I am so glad you got it all together to go on your trip west. BUT, if you want to take a trip east first, I will be glad to watch Peanut for you! :)

Moonbeam said...

Very Cool - have a good trip. Wish I was closer - I would look after Peanut. We are cat sitting this week and pick up an extra dog on Friday for the weekend!!

Jan said...

Way cool. Husband and I always wanted to take the train across Canada from Maine to Vancouver. Maybe some day? Have a blast.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to check out Pike's Market and the Space Needle. There are so many cool things to see there. Take an umbrella and layer up for the weather.