Saturday, October 11, 2008

A fun morning

Yesterday I went over to my neighbor on the east (hi, LeAnn!) to give her some help on her computer. She had an old computer and wrote a genealogy (really neat one) for a family reunion. Then her family got her a new computer and she tried to move the information over to her new one and it was not accepting it. About a month ago or so, I went over and spent some time helping with other stuff on the new computer (it has VISTA and it’s hard to fight through some of the strange stuff that I don’t have on XP). We discovered what I suspected – the new machines do NOT come with Microsoft Word.

Now, come ON, Microsoft! We are forced to use your setup on the computer if we don’t want to get a MAC – so why don’t you bundle at least Word on it? You KNOW that Works does not do a single thing properly. So why force it on people? And why force them to pay extra for the programs that cost you zilch to put on a machine?

Okay, that’s my rant for the day – if you didn’t guess, I really don’t like Microsoft but have learned to live with it (sort of).

Back to our fun morning. LeAnn had gotten a copy of Office, so I installed it for her, and then checked to make sure that her files were now readable – so she can work with them on the new computer. Then I taught her how to save email attachments, how to copy to a cd and how to move pictures from her camera card to a picture folder in her documents so that she could FIND them.

Oh, she has the coolest camera – her children got she and her husband a camera that is set up in their grove to take pictures when something moves. That way the children can see the deer who come to visit! Every few nights, they move the camera to another spot.

We had lunch and talked for at least two hours over the lunch table about a multitude of things. LeAnn works part-time in a specialty-clothing store that sells gently used clothing. You can take your fancy ball dress there and they will give you a little bit for it (rather than it hanging in the closet taking up room). The buyer of that fancy dress will pay a little bit more but still have a bargain for her next ball event. We talked about how more and more people are buying second-hand clothing and how ridiculous it is to buy something expensively new. One of her clients was “encouraged” by her daughter to buy a sundress on sale for over a hundred dollars, then had to pay over fifty dollars to get it refitted for her. She then wore it once and sold it to the store for only twenty-five!!!!

I came home and worked on the newsletter for the local Arts Community that I belong to. My friend Fritzie (hi, Fritzie) and I work very closely on it to make sure that it is the best it can be. Our goal was to print it by Friday – and we hit that goal!

I also got a few pints of salsa canned. I have never made salsa before but I got boxes and boxes (and BOXES) of roma tomatoes from the Farm that Norm works for and decided to try that. Norm really likes it (he’s the salsa lover in this family) but it was very runny. Don’t know HOW to get it un-runny, because I put vinegar in it. So I strained it and put the strained stuff and a little bit of the juice back in. Then I mixed some regular (but un-seasoned) tomato juice with the extra juice from the salsa, which Norm also liked (yes, he’s weird), and canned that as “taco juice.” I made it two-parts tomato, one-part salsa juices to keep the thickness of the tomato juice, as the salsa juice had no pulp in it.

Today we are heading to Mankato for the fall history fair there. We are taking the “pony” (electric mobility scooter) because I won’t be able to handle the hilly climbs. We are also taking Peanut along. She has learned to ride between my feet on the “pony” and I have put her basket there so that she will be more comfortable there.

After the trip to see our friends (yes, I will take pictures again this year), we are going to Menards for plywood for Norm’s shop east wall and some more snow fence. It makes a better, cheaper fencing for the sheep and chickens; we are extending the pasture again (and the sheep are unhappy in the barn this morning so that we can make another fenced area before we go to Mankato).

It will be a beautiful day today. You have a beautiful day!

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Kati said...

OOooh, your salsa sounds yummy. My mom's up in your area this week, visiting some friends in Duluth. *grin* Too bad I can't tell her to stop in and give ya a hug for me. (Too late now, her travel plans are already set in stone. *wry smile*)

Hope you have a good week, Connie!