Monday, September 29, 2008

A perfect Saturday

Jody and I went to a friend's house for "Llama Play Day" - and had a wonderful time. I won't repeat what Jody said, as she has blogged about that day, as well.

I do want to show what Jody made! I warped up a brown and cream Peaches and Crème on my tw0-harness loom and took it to the Play Day. I put it in front of Jody and said “here!” I explained how to put the shuttle through the shed, how to beat the reed / beater down and said “go to it!” Yes, she DID “break” the loom once – she beat too hard and the reed popped out of the frame! A simple twist with a borrowed screwdriver and the reed went back in and off she went again.

Before we set up, I took Jody down to see the llamas and meet Bill, the owner of most of the llamas.

Bill has prize-winning miniature llamas, especially “Wendy Darling” (I named her and feel part of her winning is the name!). Miniature llamas have to be thirty-eight inches or less at the shoulder to be qualified as miniature. They are just like their bigger cousins, only cuter.

In talking to Bill, we decided that his website was too difficult to maintain and I suggested that he try blogging. So after I return fromBig Island next week, I will go over and help him with a blog.

Jody (of course) fell in love with llamas, as I have, and hopes, SOMEDAY, to have one or two (or three or more) at Good Shepherd Farm. As Bill said, they’re like potato chips. You can’t have just one!

Here is a picture of the runner that Jody made. It’s about eighteen inches long and finished beautifully!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday; yesterday was also another beautiful fall day – you have a beautiful day!



Frances said...

thank-you for your comment Connie's very REAL , I can almost feel her presence in the dream , can see exactly what she's wearing/ what she looks like ...and like you mentioned , occasionally she doesn't talk is just there. It's nice tho, just annoying not to converse (maybe one day!)


City Mouse said...

Gorgeous runner! Very nicely done - and so nicely finished and tidy! I love llamas and alpacas - sounds like you had a wonderful time.