Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh! I’m a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad ……….

I was going to say “girl,” but actually, I’m a bad influence!! Take Candy from New York! She got a loom without knowing if she even LIKED weaving!! All on my say-so that I felt she would enjoy it.

Then there’s sister Candy, who tried weaving FIRST, then had Norm and Wayne build her one like mine.

But, NOW ….. there’s Jody! One afternoon of weaving and what does she do? Buys a loom on e-Bay!!! Admittedly, I picked it out for her! Admittedly, I encouraged her, but she’s the one who got it. On MY say-so! “Yes, Jody, you will really love weaving – I can teach you – go ahead and spend $$$ millions that you don’t have on a loom!"


So this noon, she won her first item on e-Bay. When things are meant to be, they are meant to be! First bid, only bid, and so it is now hers!!

Congratulations, Jody! You are now a member of the fiber-addicted club and will soon have EFD (Excessive Fiber Disease) and there is NO cure!!!

Anyone else out there that wants to become addicted to weaving? I’m your woman – touch me and become addicted or stay far away!!!

On another note, it’s my grandbaby’s birthday – Bubba is ten today!! It’s hard to believe that it was ten years ago that our sweet blue-eyed baby came into the world. She popped in so quickly that she is now making up for it by being a slowpoke when it comes to getting ready for anything!! Today she will be going swimming in the pool, then going out for dinner. A little bird has told me that it will be at Chuck-e Cheese. Wish I were there! Happy Birthday, Baby!! I love you!


From the left - Bubba, Binni and Bitty - all sweet girls!

You all have a beautiful day!

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goodshepherd said...

Oh, Yes Connie, you're a baaaaad, baaaaad girl! I was so excited when I won that loom I could hardly sit down for the rest of the day. BUT NOW, you get to show me how to get all those threads hooked up on it!!! It's a crazy world out there. And as for that BUBBA girl.....HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Do you still remember the names of Mr. and Mrs. Guinea???