Saturday, September 20, 2008

A non-plastic day!

Now, I’m not saying I spent the whole day not TOUCHING plastic – oh, no … that would be nye-on impossible. What I am saying is that I went shopping and did NOT use the plastic bags at any store!

Candy and I went for our monthly trip to Mankato. We stopped at all of our favorite stores, plus extra ones. Each time, I forgot my cloth bags (at least they were in the car!), so would carry out the stuff in my hands – admittedly not much.

At Office Max, to start out the day, I bought a document holder for the computer and a few neat Sharpie “bleedless” pens. The clerk put them in the plastic bag and I stood waiting for Candy. She mentioned that SHE had forgotten her bag in the car and I said, “what am I thinking about?” and put the plastic bag back on the counter and carried the purchase out.

At the pet store, I didn’t take a bag in because I wasn’t going to get anything. But I did (what else is new?) so carried it out in my hand.

At Sam’s… well, there is no reason for bags in the store – everything goes back into the cart to take out, so I put the frozen and refrigerated things in the cooler and stacked the other stuff around the cooler.

But at Wal-Mart (yes, I do shop there when I’m with Candy – she prefers it over other stores), I forgot, AGAIN!! But when it came time to check out, I requested that I not have bags and put the stuff back into the cart, carried my receipt in my hot little hand and took them out to the car, when I placed the stuff in the bags in the car!

So I am proud of myself. No plastic!! And perhaps I can remember, next time, to take the bags IN. I have plenty – companies were giving cloth bags away at the State Fair and I gathered enough to give Jody, Candy and niece Cookie several as well as have them for myself. So I have no excuse now, except a feeble brain. And if I continue to work at it, I might train that brain to grab a bag or two when I go into a store.

It was a beautiful day, yesterday, even though it was windy. Candy and I had a great time (well, I did – I hope she did, too). We ate at Applebee’s and had an almost matching lunch. I love when that happens. We both had soup and salad – French onion soup – and raspberry iced tea. The salads were different, but still, we had almost the same thing. This happens a lot. It’s not deliberate; we just have similar tastes. (Wonder why?) And the bill was exactly the same for us both. That makes me giggle – but then, I’m a simple girl and simple things make me giggle!

It will be a beautiful day, today. Norm will work in his new shop, I will probably try to make some apple pies with all these apples that I have. Jody may come over and get some apples, as well. You have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Oh Connie, good for you! I have the same dilemma. I have four or five cloth grocery bags that I carry with me in the car. But...mostly I forget to bring them in. I HATE plastic bags. I ask for paper where I can and try and go without otherwise.
I think I need to hang those cloth bags around my neck to remember them, lol!

Moonbeam said...

I have a bag that zips up to a little thing that fits in my purse. Then even when I forget the bag in the van I still have the extra in my purse I can pull out. Good for you to be so concientious!