Saturday, September 06, 2008

New - old - friend

I got an email from an old friend from HomesteadBlogger. She lives in Australia and had promised me some pictures from our old home town. But disappeared from cyber-view (at least MY view) and I mostly forgot about her - but thought about her and the thought of pictures of Tumut.

We had lived in this lovely little town for nearly five years until we moved back to the States. I loved that little town and was anxious to see spots that had been some of my favorite.

Lo! and behold! She shows up while I'm at the Fair with pictures, no less, of Tumut! Go here to see her blog and go down to the pictures. The town has changed some but not other ways. But there is actually a KFC there! When all we had for eating out was the fish and chips store or a hotel (pub) meal.

Thanks, Linda - I'm going to put you on my list of favorite people! I love your pictures of Australia - I really miss it!

On another note, Linda honored me with an award. I will have to list the people that I want to honor, as well, but need to do that at another time.


Today I am taking the girls to meet Cookie and Binni at Walnut Grove. We are going to explore the Banks of Plum Creek and take in the museum. The girls don't know this - they only know we are going on an adventure. I will take pictures!

Then we are going to the Farm that Norm works at - there is a Fall Festival there and the girls took turns going to work with Norm to help get ready for it.

It will be a beautiful day, once it warms up (it's 39 degrees right now!). You have a beautiful day!

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