Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finished projects

I am taking a break from warping up a 12” demo loom for Saturday. That is the Llama Play Day and I promised my llama friend that we would go demonstrate. Candy is not going to be able to go, so friend Jody is coming and I’ve convinced her (well, twisted her arm) to do some weaving. She’s never woven before, so she will be learning – a demonstration on how easy it is to weave (not to take away from Candy D’s new rug that she did this week).

So I decided to show my millions of devoted fans some of the projects I’ve done this summer (and completed).

The first is a table runner, about six feet long, made of Peaches and Crème yarn (from Wal-Mart and other places). I like this yarn because the weaving is quick, but it makes nice thick towels, placemats and table runners. I have a fringe right now, but will probably sew along the edges with two rows of machine stitching and hem it. Fringes, to me, get gunky-looking too soon and hemming is more finished (again, in my eyes).


The next is a cotton warp – a 6/2 cream and handspun, plant-dyed wool yarn. It is about four feet long and will probably be a table runner. This has a tied fringe because it will be hand washed, so the fringe will not mat up or tangle as easily as the Peaches and Crème.


The third is, again, cotton warp and handspun wool. The wool came from New Mexico – I found a ball of about two pounds of “mill-end” and fell in love with the color. It reminds me of antique bronze metal. This one is about two feet long.


I have finished the quilt blocks for a twin sized redwork quilt and need to get the material for the edges and the back, as well as the stuffing for the quilt. I won’t get the big quilt frame up when I quilt … I will probably do it on the big quilt hoop, on my lap. It’s easier to do, more comfortable and there simply isn’t enough room in the studio for the quilt frame!!

So, that’s part of what I’ve been doing this summer. Now back to the loom, or Jody won’t have anything to weave on Saturday.

Have a beautiful day!


Candy Duell said...

Your work is beautiful. I especially like your top table runner. It looks wonderful!

Joy said...

they look wonderful.

goodshepherd said...

Oh Connie! Your 'Peaches and Cream' just takes my breath away! WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIND THE TIME TO DO ALL THESE PROJECTS??? You are simply amazing!