Sunday, September 21, 2008

The “chill’ens”

My family is spread apart even more, now! Jill and Eric remain in Washington State. Joy and Ken moved back to the Cities but then Ken was asked by his boss to work in the office, not out in the field.

Ken’s job, in New Mexico, was to help a company that was behind in construction so that it could catch up and be closer to the deadline at finishing time. The plan was that he would continue to do so at other sites around the country, but noooooooooooooooooo! His boss loves him! His boss wants him in the office to help get new jobs and train others to do what Ken did so well in New Mexico.

And the “office” ????? Miami!!! (Ooofta, so far away, AGAIN!) So Ken went down to start work, flying home on weekends and started looking for an apartment. He found a condominium that he could sub-lease; Joy went down to help set it up, leaving the girls with us for a week. She then came home to collect the girls (and dog Tasha) and start packing.


One of these buildings is their home (not sure which)


View from their balcony - coast waters, bay and ocean

Then Ken flew home, helped pack and they headed back down. They drove his club cab pickup, pulling an enclosed trailer with the car inside as well as all the household items they would need. The two are still young enough that they are able to drive straight through, trading driving and sleeping. Joy knit (of course), the girls read or did schoolwork or slept. Tasha slept.

Fortunately for their life style, the girls are home-schooled so they are not bounced from school to school as Ken moves from job sites to his (now) semi-permanent office position.

And the plan for us? Well, we hope to drive to Washington this fall to see Jill and Eric. Then perhaps February for a trip down to Florida. And the kids will be home for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. So all is not lost – we are not as lonely as we could be. But shucky-darn, it would be great if both families were closer, like both back in the Cities!!!! That’s only three hours from here!

Oh, well, at least they are not over-seas (shhhhhhhhh! Don’t mention that, it could happen!!)………….

It’s a beautiful fall day, again. You have a beautiful day.


Kati said...

Sorry to hear your kids are moving so far away, again. At least this means you have a really, really good reason for getting out of Minnesota in the dead of winter. *wink*

Hope the girls enjoy Florida, and wishing them all much safety, this time of year!

City Mouse said...

Whew - so much travel. it tires me just reading about it. Sorry the kids are moving away ... course you now have a good reason to visit Miami! I grew up in Florida and spent a few years in Miami - it's a nice mix of outdoors and city. Wishing the travelers well!!