Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things change quickly around here!

Well, plans were set for the State Fair; I was going to pack up, yesterday evening and leave home this noon (Tuesday) for the Cities. I was going to stay with Joy and the girls, then go to the Fairgrounds tomorrow to set up. The Fair starts on Thursday.

However ...............

I went into town yesterday afternoon for a routine eye exam. My left eye has been fuzzy and I figured that a new prescription would help that problem.

The doctor did lots of exams and said "oh, oh!" Seems I have a detached retina (or some such thing) and I had to see a specialist immediately! And the specialist is in Sioux Falls (an hour and a half away). AND, I would need surgery, so that meant not going to the Cities today, not going on Wednesday, and maybe not on Thursday.

I said, "You don't understand - I have to WORK there - it's not just for fun!"

And he said "You don't understand, this is your eye we are talking about - you can't WAIT until after the Fair!"

So Doctor called the Specialist in Sioux Falls and got an early morning appointment set up for today; we took clothing in case we had to spend the night (which Dr. Fisher said there was probably a good chance of that happening) and headed out to Sioux Falls.

Friend Katie was apprised of the situation and said she'd work it out if I didn't make it to the Fair on time, but could I please drop off our chairs at her place this morning so they'd have something to sit on if I couldn't make it (I have the only chairs).

Finally saw the doctor after more tests and more dilation (ain't fun, kids!) and he said....

He said .......

HE SAID!!!! "There is nothing wrong with your eye except that a cataract is growing. Get a new prescription and WEAR THEM! Go home and go to the Fair!"

Holy eyeglasses, Batman! What a thrill! I can't understand why Dr. Fisher thought there was such a problem, but I know he erred on the side of caution!

We had lunch, did a little bit of shopping and headed home to pack the van quickly! I called everyone who was in the know about my eye, told Katie I'd see her tomorrow (Wednesday) and headed to Joy's at five this afternoon.

All plans are "go" for tomorrow. Joy and the girls will come with me to help set up for the Fair, Katie already has the camper set up, and we will be ready, willing and ABLE to work on Thursday morning at nine am!!!

So, for those of you who knew there was a "problem," thank you for all your emotional help. For those of you who didn't, I am telling you now that there WAS no problem, and I will be up and running as normal for the "Great Minnesota Get-Together!"

I am on Joy's computer right now and am ready for bed. It will be a beautiful day tomorrow. You have a beautiful day.


Kati said...

Ok, not that cataracts are something to be excited about, but I'm glad it wasn't worse than that, and the Dr. simply gave you a stronger prescription and directions to have fun. *grin*

DO have fun, Connie!

Candy Duell said...

I am so glad your eye was not as bad as they had thought. Have a great time at the fair. Talk to you soon I hope.

Jan said...

Oh I am so glad you got a reprieve and can go to the fair. Have a wonderful time! Jan

Cris said...

Glad it was not your retina... oh well... now you gotta have fun at this fair...

Linda said...

I have started posting some photos that my dh took for you this morning.