Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Great Weekend

Okay, we went to Durand, Wisconsin for the Pepin County sesquicentennial this weekend. It actually was only a daylong event, which meant setting up the camping tent would be a pain – up on Friday, down on Saturday. So Tom Latené invited us to stay in Pepin, twenty miles away, with him, his wife, Kitty, and their daughter, Francine.

We arrived before supper and stopped at the shop in town to visit with Tom, then headed out to the house, about two blocks away. Kitty had started some bean soup and planned on corn bread. But when she saw the French bread I had brought, we had that, instead. As we were waiting for Tom Dengler to join us, Jasper called to ask where everyone was at the court house; he was invited to come for supper and a stay-over as well.

While we were waiting for Jasper, the boys went out to the land that Tom and Kitty own, outside of town (they may, someday, build a house there) to cut down a small box elder tree for Tom D to use for demonstration. While we were waiting, Kitty showed me her rug-hooking project, which is a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birth home, and I did some embroidery.

Soon everyone was gathered and we had a great meal of bean soup (which I normally don’t like, but she make a great one), French bread and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers.

We visited until bedtime, and then crawled into our beds. Peanut was happy that we closed the door to our room – the TV room / guest room because the Latené’s two dogs were too interested in her for HER peace of mind.

Next morning we were up early (too early) so that we could get to Durand and be set up before nine. Kitty stayed home to mind the store, Francine stayed home to work and the rest of us went.

Tom L set up his traveling forge, Tom D set up his shave horse to make “shrink” boxes, Jasper set up his wheel to make pots. Then here came Lydia with her Swamp Willow baskets. I LOVE her baskets and get at least one a year (but not this time – I’ll wait until “Laura Days”).


Lydia's baskets


"Shrink" Box


With the bottom in it

As we were setting up, here comes Cindy Hilsgen with Aaron and Christopher. She is the mother of the family that I rave about so much. She is also the mother of Jamie, who we lost at Thanksgiving nearly two years ago.


This winter I received a bunch of goats’ milk soap from Cindy in exchange for a spoon from Norm. I LOVE goats’ milk soap! I even use it to wash my hair (with a vinegar rinse), which feels wonderful, by the way!

Anyway, Cindy and part of the family set up next to us with her rug loom and Aaron’s foot-powered jigsaw.





Gheppeto (Tom D) with his little wooden boy

As we were setting up, the high school band set up next to the old courthouse which is now a museum. There was band music, then speeches from local and state dignitaries.


The rest of the day was very quiet – we had very few visitors and very few sales. Norm sold no spoons, Lydia and Jasper sold very few of their wares. The only “big” sales were sister Candy’s greeting cards – she has photographed places around this area and made them into prints and greeting cards (I think I’ll put some of them on Etsy).

While we were tearing down, I sat down next to Cindy to rest my knee and she commented on the puffiness of my feet (they have been puffy and sore all summer). She said I needed some pressure therapy and sat right down on the grass in front of me and started to rub my feet. (Was I in heaven?? YES!) As she rubbed, we talked of many things but mostly of touch – how so many people have lost the desire to touch other people and how important touch is to everyone. We also talked of diets – she is a vegetarian and firmly believes that “food” is not bad for you if you eat the “right” food. There is good food and bad food. The over-processed foods mess up your body, the natural foods do not. She eats butter, but natural, not commercial processed butter. She has a lot of salt, but not the over-processed stuff, just the more natural, like sea salt. She does not preach vegetarianism, but you know she lives it.

We made sure everyone was packed up and ready to go before we headed back to Pepin (website). Norm and I decided to go see Cindy and her family Sunday morning after we had visited with Kitty and Tom more, so got directions and phone number; that way our good byes were not for a longer period of time.

Saturday night was quiet – Tom D and Jasper had headed home, so it was just the four of us (Francine was out with her horses) for supper and visiting.

Sunday morning, we said goodbye to the Latenés and headed to the Hilsgen farm. They live at the end of a dead end and there is NO sound whatsoever! It’s quieter there than at our house because they are farther from roads. It was a wonderful visit with a good meal and lots of good talk. We visited their goat herd (well part of it – they have about 48 goats and the non-milking does and the bucks are out in a pasture – separate from each other). We visited their garden (huge), their greenhouse and watched Peanut try to catch baby chickens and ducks that the Mommas were guarding, Then it was hugs to everyone – from Cindy and Gary through Aaron, Bethany, Nathan and Christopher.

We headed home and got home about eight, after a stop at Minnesota’s only covered bridge.






Home to find that the Internet was down! The “eye” of the satellite dish was broken and I just got it fixed last night!

Now I will re-organize and re-pack for the State Fair, which is next week. Anyone in the sound of my Minnesota voice, come visit me at the Heritage Square Cabin. I will be there for twelve days from the twenty-first to September first.

It will be a beautiful day! You have a beautiful day!

Oh, on a side note – yesterday, Jody asked me what had happened to my feet! They are no longer swollen and puffy, but back to “normal” size! Thank you, Cindy!!!



Moonbeam said...

Candy's greeting cards sound great - perhaps that's something I can do with some of my photographs!!

City Mouse said...

Good gravy!!!! Those baskets and crafts and that bridge are all gorgeous! It's all so beautiful! What a wonderful time you must have had. Glad your feet are back to normal too. =)

Kati said...

OOoooh, looks like a lovely time!!!! Glad to hear that your feet aren't puffy and swollen any more. Sounds like Cindy has healing hands. I hope the next demonstration bit goes well, and that y'all sell more of your goodies. It's neat that y'all had such a good time with friends, food and conversation.

(((((HUGS))))) and Blessings!