Sunday, August 17, 2008


We went to a Threshing Bee yesterday and had a wonderful time. I took about 150 pictures (enough for you, Happy Owl?) but cannot get one single one on the blog. I was going to do a slide show so you wouldn't have to download all the pictures (don't worry - there won't be ALL the 150) but I can't get to .... I keep getting a "can't find server" error. So I thought I'd put a few on through Photobucket. "Can't find server" - what is going on?

Well, I'll try to get some up tomorrow - maybe the full moon is making the Internet loony. (I have a picture of that, too, but can't put THAT up, either!)

On a side note, Joy and family have moved home from New Mexico, but for only a short time. Ken is going down to Miami tomorrow to start working in the office. The plan for him to travel from trouble spot to trouble spot seems to have fallen through. The boss wants him in the office to work there .... so the family will move to Miami this fall (sigh).

Oh well, at least Ken has a well-paying job and the boss loves him (and Ken loves the job).

I will try to get pictures up in the morning. Until then, back to packing. I am leaving on Tuesday to spend the night with Joy and the girls and then head to the Fairgrounds on Wednesday to set up for 12 days of the "Great Minnesota Get-Together." I will take a picture of the very, VERY full van before I go.

You have a beautiful day!

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