Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What a night!

Yesterday was stinking hot (and it will be so until Sunday, I’m told – thank you VERY much!), so we had the air conditioner on. Now, I keep my air set at about 77º during the day – it feels way too cold for me if it’s cooler (and it DOES save a little on electricity!). So the house is not very cold when we shut the air off at sundown.

I cannot sleep comfortably with air running – I want (need) that good fresh country air flowing into the bedroom when I sleep. But last night was hot throughout the night. We normally get down into the 60s during the night but it hung around 75º all night.

We have, in our bedroom, a ceiling fan – and it is a god-send on these hot nights to help stir the air and convince the outside air to come in. But, but, but, the fan has been set so that the air is pushed down and Norm objects to that.

(Would you believe that 40+ years ago, I was the one who was always cold and we fought about heat and cold back then, with opposite views than we have now?)

So, comes the night – ready for bed. Norm went to bed later then I, as his bath was the last (the dirty one gets the last turn so the cleaner person has cleaner water!). I had the fan chucking away, almost silently when he came to bed. He turned if OFF! I got out of bed and turned it ON!

Now, admittedly, the window was open, but there was no breeze and it still was ranging close to 80º. So I wanted that air moving so I wouldn’t die of heat prostration in the middle of the night!

Now Peanut is a strange little dog. There are times that she sleeps soundly all night long and never moves a muscle. There are times – like last night – where she is restless. We turned off the lights (with the fan gently blowing) and Peanut NEEDED to go outside! Well, fine – she probably forgot that putting barn animals to bed means, “Last time outside, kiddo! Do your duty and come inside!”

So I crawled out of bed, took her outside and sat on the porch, watching her “do her duty.” But nothing – she sniffed the air, sniffed the tires of the van, sniffed around, sniffed the air and said, “I’m ready to go back to bed!”

FINE! Back to bed – and the fan was turned OFF! I turned it on, tucked Peanut into her bed and went to bed, drank a sip of water and cuddled down to sleep.

About midnight, Peanut jumped out of bed, barking! She ran to the door, I toddled to the door and we went out so that Peanut could sniff the air and turn around and come BACK in! (What is going ON here?)

I went into the bedroom and the fan was turned OFF! I turned it back on (see above for routine) and went back to sleep.

About 1:30, here we go, again! There must be something out there (deer?) that is making just enough noise to wake Peanut and disturb her (and my) sleep. I went BACK outside, only to watch Peanut sniff the air and wander back inside.

Walking into the bedroom – the fan is AGAIN turned off! At this time, frustrated with all the fussing around I’d been doing, I woke Norm up and said “WHY? WHY? WHY?”

“I’m cold!” he whined! COLD???? The temperature had dropped to 72º outside, still no breeze and fairly muggy out. And he’s wrapped in a sheet AND a wool blanket!

FINE! FINE! I decided that perhaps the fan needed to have the blades switched to suck UP the air and circulate it from above (after all, I’d been told that the summer setting is as such). I got a warp stick from the studio and turned my light on so I could see the switch, which was invisible to me. I hit the fan (now turned off for safety reasons) in several different places.

Finally, Norm got out of bed, turned on his light, stood on the bed and found (and flipped) the switch. When I turned the fan on, it wouldn’t move! So Norm pushed the blades and it finally started moving.

Turning the fan to a medium speed, we went back to bed. I did not feel cool air blowing on me, but I COULD feel air moving around the room.

Norm stopped fussing, wrapped himself back in the wool blanket and went to sleep. Peanut stopped wanting to go outside to sniff the air. The fan chucked nicely and quietly. I went to sleep (finally) for the rest of the night.

At 6:30 this morning, I got up, turned off the fan and started my regular morning routine.

Now the house is closed up again in anticipation of the heat of the day and I am confident that tonight will be much quieter, much cooler!

Now, if I can only convince Peanut that she doesn’t need to go outside every 2 or 3 hours.

And I think I’ll go take a nap! You have a beautiful (restful) day.


Kati said...

*snort* Oh Connie!!! I'm sorry you had such a restless night!! I hope that you have a quiet, uneventful day, and that tonight it is a little cooler and a LOT more restful!

Rose said...

Sounds like you had a rough night. I am trying to think how cool I would feel if it were 77! It was 104 here Sunday. Not heat index, actual temp! If you ever come to Texas, come in the winter sweetheart!!