Friday, July 04, 2008


Well, now we are home and I will have time and energy to report on an absolutely fabulous weekend. It started, for us, when we arrived on Thursday the 26th at my parents’ apartment. My sister, who is still working there at her old job, came over for supper, so it was great to see her again – I hadn’t seen her since before the first of June, and I have become accustomed to seeing her at least once a week.

Joy and family arrived in town about 6:00 in the morning on Friday, as they drove straight through from New Mexico. So they came over to see the folks and us before going to the motel to check in. The girls were very excited to see the great-grandparents, as they hadn’t seen them since Easter.

We had a picnic at a local park Friday night, where we met with many people that neither Norm nor I have seen for years. Even though this was a Peterson reunion, I have made many friends with his relatives over 42+ years of knowing them. The “gang” was mostly just descendents of Norm’s parents, but there were also a few cousins.

Saturday afternoon we met at the County Fairgrounds and had a noon meal in the “Women’s” building where I had, in the past, taken some of my handwork to be judged at the County Fair. (Of course, my embroidery never did match with the excellent skills of ladies like my mother-in-law and aunts-in-law.)

Sister-in-law Eileen had volunteered to be in charge of this reunion and had done a job far above excellent! I walked in and there was an entire wall with tables holding poster-boards that had pictures and pictures and PICTURES! There was a poster-board dedicated to each of the Peterson children, the grand children and the great-grandchildren. As well, there were boards for Cecil (father-in-law) and Clarice (mother-in-law) and even boards with the family tree drawn (and pictures of some of the ancestors, as well).

On top of THAT amazing sight, there were 3-ring binders for every family that led up to the Peterson union. There were binders for each child, a binder for Clarice and one for Cecil – then there were binders for ancestors, as well. It was amazing!

On Saturday night, many went to Mt Rushmore for the lighting ceremony. They had Veterans come onto the stage; Norm and grandson Steven were among the many that were there. Bitty said that when Norm was on stage, giving his name, she wanted to scream, “That’s my Grandpa!!”

Sunday we went out to the ranch. This is where the Peterson family grew up – Cecil and Clarice moved to this ranch when Norm was 3 months old. Norm is the middle child – 6th of 12, but only 11 survived infancy … baby Betty Jane lived only 3 months and there are no pictures of her. There were 6 boys and 6 girls, total.

Oldest son, Darrell and wife Mavis now run the ranch. Many of the grandchildren had been to the ranch while growing up, so wanted to see all the “old’ things like the two-headed calf that was born – Cecil had him stuffed for posterity. They also wanted to see Grandma’s house, which is now being used for storage of miscellaneous auction stuff.

I did not get everyone in pictures – I notice that I missed Eunice’s new grandson – he was never around when I had my camera! He was the youngest at 3 months. Also, I can’t remember everyone’s name and for the life of me, cannot remember Robert’s grandson’s name!! Sorry, everyone! I tried!

Here is a slide show to show you some of what was going on last weekend. I would have posted earlier, but was having problems with “Slide Show” --- so here it is, finally.

And, it is July 4th – Happy Independence Day!!! May your day be full of fun, family and fireworks. And may it be beautiful!


Candy Duell said...

You have been one busy lady this summer! I am glad you had such a good time. Nothing like seeing family you have not seen in awhile. Are you home for awhile now?

Jan said...

My goodness. I loved your slide show. You seemed to have a wonderful time! What a nice family!

Karla E said...

Those pictures bring back some memories! Is the two-headed calf still in one piece? The "critters" haven't eaten it? Wish we had thought of playing water volleyball! Looks like fun! I do remember playing badminton and having water gun fights, there. :)