Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Attention, all rechargeable battery owners!

I found out this weekend, during all the wonderful visits I had with Norm’s relatives, that rechargeable batteries fizzle out for a reason in my battery-carry-bag. I was complaining about the fact that my rechargeable batteries were not holding their charge after I charged them up and put them into a bag to carry for spares.

This wonderfully smart young woman told me to wrap them, individually, in plastic wrap. She said that if the batteries touched each other, the metal would drain the charge out.

Now, I cannot swear to this, but I have done it. I have re-charged all my batteries and put them in plastic wrap. When my “new” batteries in the camera at this time are dead, I will test the theory myself. But I wanted to pass the news on to others who have those batteries. If you have been like me, ready to swear off re-chargeables because of the frustration, then perhaps it will help you like I hope it is going to help me.

We will be heading home tomorrow – we have been at my folks’ house the whole time, but will spend the night out at Norm’s family ranch with his brother and wife before heading home in the morning. We’ve had a great time and I will share two pictures of our good time. When I get home I will talk about the wonderful weekend.

Today is the first of July – so happy July! It’s a beautiful day today – you have a beautiful day!


Norm and his sister, Eileen, organizer extraordinaire


Water balloon volley-ball


Frances said...

I learnt about batteries the hard way - could smell a hot burny smell one day I was on a road trip - thought it was the CAR on fire but it was two rechargeables clinking together in my handbag , making heat and almost setting my (designer) bag up in flames! Hubby says I should have known better but I never thought they would do that ...

Lovin' the water balloon volleyball pic!


Jan said...

Good tip on the batteries. I'll try it.
Have a good day, Jan.

Andrew said...

That's a great tip I'm going to try it. it makes sense as well. I use Fujicell 2700s and they last such differing times. This could be the answer, as half the time they are touching.

Andy said...

Good tip, might be the answer to drained batteries.

Fujicell now have 2800s available now by the way. They are good!! Last longer