Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I’m on Steroids!!

Well, not medication that makes me raving-ly starving (right, Jill?) or pumped up like a football player. I had a shot in my knee yesterday.

My knees have had problems since I learned how to ice skate in high school. I learned on my knees, not my bum! I also learned, at the same time, how to walk on ice the very same way. I had not been really used to ice before then.

This past year, my right knee has been giving me problems and I think I aggravated it when we did so much hiking in New Mexico. By Eric’s graduation, I knew something had to be done, so I went to the doctor to have her look at it. After x-rays, I was told to go see a specialist, which I did, yesterday.

She told me that, yes, I will have to have knee replacement (sigh) but I can wait until this winter, or later, if I wish – and so the shot. There are two choices – one is the “simple” steroid – one shot every three months, as needed, until the necessary replacement. The other choice is a gel type solution that takes three injections and is a type of cushion for your knee bones. My dad is taking this solution because he has out-used the effect of steroids – but he’s eighty-eight years old and probably will not have his knee replaced.

My doctor showed me a drawing of the knee bones, took a pen and scratched all over it – “This is what is damaged on your knee – this is what is missing in your knee” – YIKES!! Lots of pen scratches there. Ah! But my tendons are fine – no damage there! She also showed me a drawing of the “prosthetics” that is the replaced knee. Metal and plastic, melded to make a new knee! Strange looking but acceptable, I suppose.

So, here’s the plan – we wait (if I can) until this next winter, when things are a little bit slower. The shot she gave me should last for three months. Already my knee feels better. Not pain-free, but a lot less pain!

But the shot!!! Yeeeaaa gods!! I will not lie to you, boys and girls – it was PAINFUL!! The needle was bad enough – she used one about the size of my pinky finger (no I didn’t look, but I could feel it) – but the medicine oozing, forced into my knee was worse. If you think of Novocain at the dentist? The needle hurts, but the Novocain going in is worse. However, she was as gentle as she could be, Norm held my hands so I could squeeze them into putty and I survived. Now all there is to do is wait until the steroids take effect and hope that the pain really IS less. Perhaps cane free in a day or so? One might hope, mighten one? How nice not to have to use a cane everywhere one goes!

On another note, I have a picture of a silly lamb that wants to join the chickens (and hopefully get more than a mouthful of corn from the feeder) and the picture of the missing old garage.


Spunky says "This is MY territory, these are MY hens!! You stay out!


Today, Don will come and dig post holes for the buildings – both Wayne’s and ours. Then the mover will come sometime (hopefully) in the next two weeks put place the buildings down. Norm and Wayne staked out the building lines for the postholes – that is one big building that we are getting!!! It’s so exciting! Then I will have room in the garage to actually PARK my van, possibly store the plastic tubs with my tools and supplies that I take to events, rather than in a corner where we hopefully don’t trip over them.

Walnut Grove, again, on Saturday – I didn’t take pictures last week, but will do so this week. It actually is a group of people meeting in the park and selling wares – sunbonnets and prairie dresses, baskets, crafts, etc. We are the only “period” people there. This time, I will have Candy’s ‘craft’ to sell. She has made beautiful greeting cards and small prints of her lovely Minnesota views that she has collected on camera. I might put them on Etsy later this month.

I also plan on collecting some catnip, drying it and selling (hopefully) in bags for cat-lovers. It’s in seed, now, and Jody says that she read that catnip is more potent (kitty marijuana, she calls it) with seed heads added. I might test it on MY cats.

Cats!!! How fun to lock them up in the evenings! They all want to go into the barn for night, now (including stubborn Toby), but they are not actually happy about sharing the barn with others. So, last night, for example, I opened the door to put them in; Spunky (Tiny, Tuffy, Brat – some of her names) flew out. Toby went in; Scooter was nowhere around. I called Scooter and Spook came, as well. Scooter went to the door; Toby flew out. I grabbed him, popped him in with Scooter, shut the door and went to grab Spook. As I opened the door for him, I had to grab Toby and turn HIM around! Then, in the darkening night, I had to find Spunky, scooting around in the grass like a little rat. She attacked Peanut, so I could find her. I grabbed her, gave her a night-night kiss, cracked the door open and threw her into the haystack. WHEW!!!

Today should be a cooler day than yesterday (over ninety seven in Sioux Falls yesterday) but still humid – we will probably need to use the air conditioner again today (sigh). I love / hate that convenience. It uses electricity ($$$$$) but cools the house, but also makes it stuffy – I LOVE open windows and fresh country air!!

It will be a beautiful day – you have a beautiful day!


jayedee said...

my goodness! bless your heart! i have total sympathy. i got a steroid injection a few years back for my carpal tunnel. the shot, itself, wasn't any where near as bad as i was told it would be and i walked out of there feeling like i'd aced it! but, as good as i felt, i did what the doc said and stopped at walmart to have a prescription for pain meds filled. am i ever glad i did! the novacain wore off as i was standing in line to pay for it. all at once! the pain was unbelievable!
oddly enough, i haven't needed another injection. the carpal tunnel seems to have gone into hiding after the first LOL!

Frances said...

My auntie keeps the kneecap she had taken out in a wee jar on her dresser - it reminds her how grateful she is for the fake one!


Kati said...

DANG CONNIE!!!!!! I'm sorry to hear that your knee is in such rough shape. Sending (((((HUGS))))) and hopes for a soon-to-be-pain-free knee.

Tracey said...

Good're just as busy as ever! And with a bum knee on top of it all. Hope the shot helps out and that you'll feel an improvement.

Love the lambie looking in at the chickies :), it's not too late for the soap deal! There's a button on my mustang blog which you can order from :)

Mandie said...

Sounds like it is busy at your house! I love history and was so happy to read that you do too. How wonderful. Have a blessed day.