Sunday, June 08, 2008

Three Esses and a Tee

My niece, Cookie, and her daughter, Binni, brought a new member of the family to our house yesterday.

They are moving from the rented farmhouse to an apartment in town and cannot keep their cat. So I told them I would take him.

Now, I have “Scooter,” “Spook,” and the newest member, “Spunky,” who is Scooter’s remaining child (out of the four that we started with). (The three “esses”.) Plus I have the “tee” – “Toby.”

Toby and Spook are related – they could possibly even be brothers – they both came from the Farm and they are about the same age. Cookie got Toby in the late summer and I got Spook on Halloween (hence his name).






And then there's the "Pee Miester!"

So now we have two neutered males (that seem like they will get along very quickly) and two “intact” females. Scooter will get spayed when she has finally healed from her bite infection and Spunky will get spayed when she is old enough. No more kittens on THIS farm – but we should not have mice problems!! And hopefully our bunny population will become reduced. I saw Scooter, last fall, as a teenager, with a full sized bunny; Spook has become a great hunter and I am hoping Toby will be one too. And Spunky should be good when she gets older.

On another note, we have another “S” in our family, but not at home. Earlier this spring I mentioned the possibility of getting the black lamb from the Farm in exchange for the lambs and kids I fostered. Well, our barn is not ready, so Jody took “Soot” (or “Tooty Sooty”) and is housing her with Arthur – he now has company, but he’s afraid of her and she’s too busy yelling for Momma to pay attention to him. The ear tag on her says “Charcoal” and I am considering changing her name from Soot to Charcoal – one less “S” to be confused about. What do YOU think? Charcoal or Soot?


Jody and Norm getting Soot ready to be released


She is MUCH bigger (and older) than Arthur

And, on ANOTHER note, we have gotten our “new” trunk ready to put in the house to replace the other, less attractive trunk we now use for blanket storage at the foot of the bed. This “new” one came from Dad – thank you! It’s been stored in the garage but Norm is finally cleaning it out so that there will be room for the new van in half of it so we don’t have to worry about hail (at least not at home).




It is a beautiful day – we had storms again last night and another half inch of rain. It is sunny and not windy. There are no storm or flood warnings blinking on my Weather Channel icon so I think we might have a full day of just plain NICE weather! You have a beautiful day!


Frances said...

Oooh, the trunk is so lovely!

I like Soot.


Moonbeam said...

I think Soot(y) is more fun but like you say another S could get confusing - maybe he could be called Charlie - nick name for Charcoal (if your brother isn't offended) LOL.
I think it is a beautiful trunk!

Candy Duell said...

What alot of news for one day :) Your a busy lady, and I love the lamb. Any name would be great for him.


The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I like sooty since Charcoal seems a bit long when calling names...
Lovely trunk!