Friday, June 06, 2008


So, how stormy is YOUR neck of the woods? We have been fortunate in that the storms have NOT been as nasty as predicted. But yesterday afternoon, Norm called and said, “Move the van!”

We don’t have room in the garage (yet); Norm has all of his woodworking machinery and wood and projects and wood and storage stuff and wood and wood in the garage. I told him he HAS to have room so that we can keep the van in the garage on bad weather days – we don’t want hail damage if we can help it!

Anyway, I moved the van over to the side of the house (on the grass) as closely as I could park it in case of hail – the wind was coming from the east at the time. But as soon as I moved it, the wind switched and came from the north.

I sat in Peanut’s chair with her shivering on my lap each time the thunder boomed, trying to read. However, I don’t have a lamp near that chair and we have no ceiling light in the living room; the sky got darker and darker – greener and greener! So I sat watching the rain and wind and hoping the hail would miss us and the tornado expected would disappear.

Fortunately for Peanut and all others involved, we “only” had rain and wind. We ended up with an inch and a half of rain yesterday.

This is after the inch we got early this week and the bunch we got last week. Farmers are either happy or unhappy, depending on their circumstances. Everything seems to be planted but the rain could drown the little seeds before they come up; or, if they are up (like the fields around us), the rain could make them grow faster.

Our seeds are in and we are hoping they don’t drown!

There are flash flood warnings, flood warnings, tornado watches and warnings and hail warnings all over the area. I looked at the Weather Channel radar last night and the whole areas from Wyoming clear past Wisconsin, from the north part (close to Canada) clear down to Oklahoma have storms hanging around. OOFTA!!

This morning we have sunshine (first in days and days) but now we have wind warnings!!! No fun at all!

So, anyway, I’m hoping that the storms are missing you, have gone past you with no damage or are not going to affect you as they pass over your heads! Spring is NOT a safe time of the year, sometimes!

I have a picture, here, of my lilacs that I took a few days ago – the blooms will probably be blown off by the end of today, though.


And on another note, it’s my sister’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Candy!!! You are now ********* years old!!! Enjoy the day – I hope there is sunshine (and no wind) where you are, today!

Everyone else - you have a beautiful day, too!


Jan said...

I can smell the lilacs now.

Kati said...

OMG!!! Your lilacs are BEAUTIFUL, Connie!!! My lilac has a lot of buds, but no blooms yet. Have you ever tried making lilac jelly??? I've seen a lot of "jr" homesteaders talking about that this spring. I don't know that it'd be quite my taste.... I love the way lilacs smell. (Wish that scent could be PROPERLY bottled and brought out in November through Jan when I need it the most. But most bottled lilac scents don't smell NEARLY as good as the real thing.) But I don't know that I'd like eatting lilacs on toast. *wink*

Glad to hear that you and Peanut and Norm were safe. I hope and pray your safety through tornado season continues and that the rain brings only GOOD for your garden.