Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Monday was V day!

Van day! We went to Jackson, which is about 40 minutes from here, to look at and hopefully purchase a new van.

Because we live in a rural area, going to car lots to look at vehicles is a very stretched out event. So I spent about a week looking on line for vans that matched our criteria – low mileage, as new as possible and something that had good gas mileage. It also had to meet Norm’s approval and be close enough to home so we wouldn’t have to travel far to look at.

Also, we wanted to move from 3 vehilces back to 2, so we wanted to trade both the Dodge van and the Ford Ranger in, keeping the Buick as our second car. As well, we needed to find something that matched our funds.


Cleaning up the Dodge for trade-in


Pickup is about ready to go

When discussing purchasing a newer van, we had several options – not any of them very pleasing to our pocketbook. Limited finances, as many of you know, means very aggressive, very inventive ways to get what you need or want. We decided (with the help of our banker) that taking money out of our tiny IRA would be better than getting a loan and paying interest. If we did that, I had to promise Norm, myself AND my banker that I would put equal money back into savings each month that would match what we would have as a loan payment.

All that said and planned, I went looking. One of the first places I looked on the Internet was organized to start the process for a loan from the car dealer. I started it, then quit, hoping I could continue on to look for cars and not have to apply for a loan. About an hour after this was done, I got a phone call from the loan officer; after I explained that we would be paying cash, he moved from finance officer to investigator and helped me look for vans that fit our expectations. He was from Iowa but the company has several dealerships and 1 of them is in Jackson, like I mentioned.

I also talked, quite extensively to a dealer in Sioux Falls. He had a Kia that I was interested in, but Norm didn’t want to travel that far or have a Kia, because we found out that they have poor gas mileage, compared to the other vans we were looking at.

And so, the Iowa dealer found us an Oldsmobile Silhouette and we jumped on it. It’s a 2004 with “only” 61,000 miles on it. It is a wonderfully well-kept van and is the nicest vehicle we’ve had since before Joy was born!


Even Peanut approves!
Bright and shiny and new!

Norm has decided that he’s going to “take” the Buick and I can “have” the van. That means that he will drive the Buick to work and I will be driving the van when I go to exercise and places like that.

So, on this cloudy, over-cast, foggy, misty, rainy day, I’m going to take my new van and head to exercise. You have a beautiful day!

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Frances said...

You will be able to get SO MUCH stuff in and out of there! Drive carefully!