Monday, May 05, 2008


So, on Saturday, I talked to Happy Owl (it was only 2 ½ hours, so tell your family to stop fussing!) and she mentioned something she would like me to pass on.

Her mother needs rose oil for some lotion or potion for a problem she has. Or, at least she SHOULD have it! But in Momma’s area of Canada, rose oil is about $50 an ounce (ouch!). I suppose mostly because of the lack of roses and the shipping costs.

Happy Owl told her mom to make her OWN rose oil (recipe later); Momma went to the grocery store to purchase wilted roses for the oil and the saleslady gave her a good deal, but asked her what she was going to use them for. When Momma said, “Rose oil,” saleslady said, “NO!!!”

Saleslady then proceeded to tell her that most of the roses sold in grocery stores are raised in Ecuador and they are sprayed with DDT. There is no ban for that spray down there. And the US doesn’t seem to worry as they are not (normally) used for medicines or food.

So take warning! Do NOT use grocery store roses for the following recipe or for rose jelly or anything else that is cool for rose petals. Ask, before purchasing when getting roses, where the roses come from!

So, here’s the recipe – it’s not the steamed, essential oil, but it works.

Take the petals off roses – cover with water and simmer slowly; the oils will come out in the water. Then you can use the water in your lotion / potion.

On another note, we have sadness here at the Lane. This morning I discovered that one of the kittens had fallen out of the nest and had not been able to get back in – she got too cold and did not make it. I blame myself, as I had been talking and thinking about making a nest on floor level so the kittens could get back in if they went out. I was too late!

Now, normally I would have expected Scooter to collect the kitten and put her back in, but Scooter is ill now. She was bit on the back by something and the bite festered up. Jody gave her a penicillin shot and we doused it with hydrogen peroxide. But the festering is coming back and she is becoming very listless and shows very little interest in the kittens.

In fact, this morning I lifted her out of her nest and put her with the kittens (so very thin and not much weight), she stumbled out of the box and went to sit near the water bowl.

So, when Jody comes back tonight, I will have her give Scooter another shot and help me douse her with the peroxide again. And will bring the kittens inside to keep them warm tonight.

Kati, I will take pictures of the two remaining babies, “Ying” and “Yang” when I am feeling better – it’s been a depressing day.

On another note, we are getting ready to go to New Mexico on Thursday – I know it’s very soon after they moved down, but this summer is going to be too busy for us to go down then and they will be home before our busy season is over. I am mixing up bread dough to freeze and take down to Joy. She doesn’t have a bread maker down there but would like some home made bread. I will put it in double plastic that should keep it cold enough for the 2 day trip down there.

And for now, I need to prepare equipment and wool for tomorrow. The Historical Museum is having its yearly demonstrations for the 3rd graders. I’m going to try out some luscious heather brown Icelandic that Candy gave me this month.

It is a beautiful day – despite the depressing attitude I have; you have a beautiful day.


jayedee said...

bless your heart! it's so sad when we lose a furbaby! that being said, you cannot beat yourself up over it! there are only so many hours in the day and you can only spread yourself so thin before something has to give.
i am a firm believer, also, that when it's your time, it's your time.....that goes for 4 leggeds as well as 2 leggeds. whatever purpose that lil one had, was served.
i wonder if black salve would help the lesion/bite/whatever on scooter's back? i'll email my recipe for it!
saying a prayer and sending good healing thoughts your way!

Manerva said...

Hi Connie, so sorry about the babe and her mom. Hope everything works out; I will be sending healing thoughts your direction...

Thought I would pass this along. Check out Mountain Rose Herbs for dried organic, natural roses and everything else under the sun for making all things good. Here's the link:

Candy Duell said...

I am sorry to hear about Scooter, and the kitten. I hope the shot from Jody helps. It is always so sad to lose an animal.

Kati said...

Oh Connie!!! I'm so sorry to hear about the babe passing on. And I'm sorry to hear that Scooter's in bad shape. I hope she heals up quickly and can get back to taking care of her babes. In the mean time, sending ***snuggles*** their way, and (((((HUGS))))) yours. I hope today is much better.

Kati said...
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