Saturday, May 03, 2008

Strange weather!

Candy made it out of South Dakota just in time. I am going to share pictures from my father and a friend to show you what THEY got and what Candy missed.



OOFTA!!! A LOT of snow!

As far as here – we had a full day of rain but now it’s sunny and warming up some.

I see Spook heading back to the barn from the grove – he’s become quite a hunter, now! Norm said he brought in a big mouse to show off the other day and was so proud of himself! It looks like he’s carrying something. Scooter is leaving the babies for longer periods of time, now, and I’m putting milk down for them to try. They aren’t too thrilled, right now. However, they DO start crying when they hear my voice, even when Scooter is in the nest with them … sweet!!!

So here is what it looks like around here; I have some pictures of Norm planting my apricot trees. I hope they make it!!!


Look at the SIZE of the tree!


A chokecherry is finally starting to bud


And Wayne wants me to plant the lilac? I don't THINK so!!


Scooter is out enjoying the sunshine

Norm has headed out to a farm auction and I chose to stay home and enjoy a Saturday alone. It is a beautiful day out but windy (of course). You have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

I love farm auctions... do Norm bring anything home. I don't go because I'd bring home an animal!

Anonymous said...

Well I am certainly not going to complain about the colder weather we are having - no snow and sun shining suits me fine!


Kati said...

Hey Connie!!!! I hope you had a nice springy weekend!!! Can hardly wait for more kitten pics. *hint, hint*