Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring is here?

On Sunday afternoon, we had almost 86º and it was hot, I tell, you … HOT! Yesterday morning we woke up to 42º and I had to turn the heat on! It got up to 60º yesterday as a high. Today it is already 71º and sunny after two days of overcast. Welcome to Minnesota!

Not a whole lot has been going on since we got home. Norm has gotten the raised beds in garden ready for planting and has planted most of the seeds. The Roma tomatoes are planted and fighting to survive in our strong east winds.

Friend Jody had put 12 hen eggs and about 24 guinea eggs in an incubator, but it’s an old one and nothing made it – they all hard-boiled. So I put 12 guinea eggs under a clucky hen here at my house, hoping to get some guineas to hatch. Jody has a male and female guinea but the female has been laying like crazy! We’re hoping that we will get more guineas so that eventually I can get some from her while she has a large flock, as well.

Our work on the barn is going slowly, but Norm has had to finish a table for a friend at Murphy’s Landing (it’s going there this weekend) as well as regular maintenance around here – mowing and planting.

I’ve been spending most of this time on the computer and on the phone. Norm has agreed that we need a newer van so I have started looking. The choice is closing in on one or two models and I will know soon if we can go look at some of them this weekend. We will trade our Dodge Caravan and Norm’s Ford Ranger in so that we will be down to two cars again. Hopefully we will soon have a newer, larger van!!! The Dodge just isn’t big enough for everything we carry when we go to events and the Ranger is actually smaller!

Candy is heading back out to South Dakota for another month of work. T’an’t fair! She’s gone a whole month; when she comes home, I’m gone for 2 weeks. Now she’ll be gone again for another month! I really miss her when she’s gone! But, it’s good money and she enjoys the work, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

On another note, Joy has posted some pictures of a day trip they made this weekend that I would have loved to go on. Guess I would just have to live down there with them in order to see all that lovely country. But then I couldn't be HERE where I love to be (sigh). Can I cut myself into two or three pieces???

It was a beautiful day today – the sun was shining for most of the time and it wasn’t too windy. You have a beautiful day.


Cris said...

Hi Connie... what a wonderful journal of your trip you wrote here with your posts. Taking long trips usually shows us how blessed we are to live where we live :-) The weather is changing here today so quickly we woke up with good sunshine but now... it is dark and cold and we're going to be in a hotel this weekend, I better pack warm. xoxox

Jan said...

Its gotten cold here in Maine again and very windy. I am interested in your car plans. We feel the need to go to one vehicle but are not sure what would be best at this point. I have a Jeep I love and he has a small ranger truck. Sooo I am starting to think about it.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

Hold off on the expecting... I was suppose to mail it off during my trip but the never got to the post office between all the hopping around. So sadly, it sits in my living room by the door, awaiting my next trip to our local post office... I am so bad about going to the post office. I never fail to be behind on mailing through the snail mail... I put 2 small surprises in with your "surprise"...Thank you for being so patient with my rather bad forgetfulness. I think it is the garden swamping my mind and pushing all the important other things to the side... LOL.