Friday, May 23, 2008

The rest of the trip

-Well, let’s see where I left off…. On Friday we didn’t do much… there is a trail that is below the apartment buildings that we went on. Joy and I only went part way and the kids and Norm finished, with the dogs. Joy had to get back to get a package from UPS and I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the trip, so I went back with her.

Saturday we went BACK to the Bandelier National Monument again. This time it was to go the opposite direction, down to the falls. This is a five-mile, round trip over very steep and very rough terrain. It’s called a “back-pack” trail. I lasted a very short time, then turned back and stayed with the dogs in the car. I napped and took short walks and read while the others saw scenery that was unbelievable and awesome (I think I’ve over-used that word, but what else is there?). Norm took the camera and ended up with about one hundred pictures.

I am very proud of both girls – five miles is a very long way to go in rough terrain like that. It took them a total of five and a half hours to do the trip. They had taken their lunch but had run out of water so were very thirsty when they got back. The first thing that Bubba said when she got back was “you missed SOOO much! Sore feet, sore legs, tired body and being very thirsty!”

On Sunday, Norm and I headed home, but I will post that on a different post so that there are fewer pictures for you to download and see on each post.

Being home is so wonderful; we have green and lush growing things. My flowering almond is flowering; the trees are full of leaves and just about ready to pop flowers on the flowering trees! You have a beautiful day!


Jan said...

Oh Connie,
Your slide shows are just terrific. I must figure out how you did that!

Anonymous said...

I know , I'm loving your slide show viewer (pic with Tasha in the laundry basket comes up first and makes me laugh!) I've more or less finished my garden ornament project - I forgot I had a 'make your own decorated stone plate' kit somewhere around - well, you will see the results next time you visit over at my place...



Ps - my sons all have dremels and I wish now I had used one for the carving - :(

Kati said...

Welcome home Connie!!! Those are some awesome pictures you've been sharing with us!