Monday, May 12, 2008

The rest of the story

On Saturday, after we had lunch, the rest of the family went on to the Alcove House area. Everyone told me (including the park ranger) that my knee would not hold up to the steep ladders and the 140 feet of climbing.

So the dogs and I waited below while the rest went on the 1.5-mile hike. It took them 2 hours!!!

Here are the awesome pictures of their hike and climb. Joy said that, knee aside, I probably would not have made it. There are caution notices around and in the guidebook about health issues. The elevation is about 7,000 feet (give or take) and the climb itself is very wearing. Norm and Joy both admitted it was very hard for them. Ken, of course, would not admit it – he’s in the prime of his health and thrives on physical stress.

When they came back, Bitty and Bubba were totally exhausted. In fact, Bubba was so worn out that she was unable to eat much supper and went to bed in a pretty bad state. We forced her to eat some chicken so that she had some food in her stomach and she WAS better on Sunday morning.

So, now you know the rest of the story – it was a beautiful day yesterday (Mother’s Day) and Ken had a surprise for us all. I will post that later.

You have a beautiful day.

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Sonia A. Mascaro said...

Thanks so much for you kind words on Mother's Day. I hope you had been a lovely day, too!